SAWYER COUNTY: Sawyer County AIS Program


Sawyer County is sponsoring a 3 year AIS education and monitoring project. Activities: 1) CBCW & CLMN AIS monitoring trainings; expand CBCW program by training volunteers for 1 new lake per year; 2) Participate in July 4th landing blitz, provide supplies to interested lake groups; 3) Conduct annual AIS presentations to: one school or school group, 6 lake groups, 2 non-profits; 4) Conduct waterfowl AIS outreach/education including display at sporting goods store, produce media release, present AIS information at SCOPE youth fall field day; 5) AIS boat landing signs inventory & installation, check database for gaps and update annually with new sign information; 6) Assist lake groups with implementing purple loosestrife biocontrol; 7) Monitor AIS at one lake/year per DNR Early Detection protocols and two additional landings per boat landing section of Early Detection protocols; 8) Participate as AIS technical advisor in management planning meetings; 9) Respond to public AIS inquiries: visit the lake to identify specimen of concern; if AIS is found, follow voucher/verification and DNR communications protocols, and Rapid Response Framework; assist non-qualified lake groups by sponsoring Early Detection and Response grant, as necessary; develop and lead stakeholder\2019s groups to address new/pioneering AIS populations; lead education and outreach efforts; coordinate monitoring on infested lakes; respond to AIS information requests. Deliverables: All monitoring data and trained volunteers entered in SWIMS; maps and GIS data; educational materials developed; annual report documenting AIS education and outreach events, purple loosestrife biocontrol efforts, response to public inquiries, lakes participating in July 4th landing blitz, AIS and CBCW trainings, lakes and landings monitored for AIS, participation in management planning meetings. All data, records, reports, GIS-based maps and digital images shall be submitted to DNR in a format specified by the Lake Biologist.

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