Big Weirgor Creek Trace Metal Sampling - North_7_CMP16


The Big Weirgor Creek HUC 12 watershed is a highly forested watershed in northern Rusk County with the upper 50 % of the watershed within Rusk County Forest land; comprised of over 90% deciduous forest and wetlands and only 1.2% hay and cropland. The Lower 50% of the watershed is mainly in private ownership, agriculture use increases to 8%. We propose to monitor low level metals, cations and anions, nutrients, hardness, and DOC and flow Monthly from April - November at 3 sites in the watershed in conjunction with a TWA project proposed in the Big Weirgor Creek watershed. Two sites on the Big Weirgor will be sampled, a wooded watershed site at Reichel road, another site at Shortcut Rd., near the confluence with the Chippewa River which includes more development and agricultural lands within the watershed. Spring Creek a small tributary to the Big Wiergor, within the county Forest is also proposed for sampling. A general description of the who, what, when, where, and how for the project.


The project is proposed gather background low level metal, cation, anion, nutrients, etc., concentrations within a HUC 12 watershed. A similar high frequency sampling project was conducted in a wooded watershed in Ashland and Iron Counties from 2012-2016. Review of available data showed that there is very limited information of this type for State waterways. These data can be very useful in reviewing other projects. We propose this project if there are additional sampling dollars available in the basic agreement and can modify sampling frequency as needed for budgeting. Sampling Locations: Big Wiergor Creek; Reichel Road SWIMS 10012951 Big Wiergor Creek; Cut Off Road SWIMS 10029539 Spring Creek; SWIMS 10012066 Why is the project necessary and what management question is to be addressed? Describe the specific information for the sites to be addressed as part of the project. In providing this information, include the number of sampling locations, the WBIC of the water bodies to be sampled, and other relevant information.


Gather baseline low level metal, cation, anion, nutrient, and flow data. data will be summarized as part of the TWA report. Provide a summary sentence describing the project outcome. Identify project deliverables.

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