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Professional and occupational licenses

First time applicants must submit their applications directly to DNR. Renewal licenses can be obtained from any license agent. Customers wishing to obtain a Nonresident Fur Dealer and Nonresident Guide license must mail the application to the address on the application form.

Bait Dealer

A Bait Dealer license is required of any person who buys for resale, barters, gives or sells bait. Only residents of Wisconsin can be issued a bait dealer license. Bait is defined as any species of frog, crayfish or minnow used for fishing purposes.

License types

  • Class A Bait Dealer License: allows a resident to buy for resale, barter, give or sell bait to the amount of $2,000 or more each year.
  • Class B Bait Dealer License: allows a resident to buy for resale, barter, give or sell bait to the amount of less than $2,000 each year.

Bait Dealer’s License application

Bait Dealer’s regulations

Fur Dealer


A resident fur dealer license is required of any person having an established post or place of business in the state where they carry on the business of buying, bartering, trading or otherwise obtaining raw or dressed furs.

Resident Fur Dealer’s license application


An Itinerant (i.e. nonresident) fur buyer's license is required of any person other than a resident fur dealer engaged in the business of buying, bartering, trading or otherwise obtaining raw furs from trappers or from fur buyers or fur dealers in retail lots for purposes of resale. This license is not required if buying furs at a nationally advertised public auction conducted by a regularly license fur auctioneer. NOTE the application should be mailed directly to the DNR.

Itinerant Fur Buyers’s license application

License types

  • Class A Fur Dealer: $2000 or more in business each year.
  • Class B Fur Dealer: less then $2000 in business each year.



A license to guide is required to guide, direct, or assist other persons in hunting, trapping or fishing in Wisconsin. The Resident Guide license includes hunting, fishing and trapping.

Resident Guide license application


A nonresident guide license is required to guide, direct or assist other persons in fishing in Wisconsin for any compensation. Please note: this license only allows guiding for fishing. A nonresident cannot be licensed as a guide for hunting or trapping. This license is only available from DNR.

Nonresident Fishing Guide license application

Guide license requirements and restrictions


A taxidermist permit is required of any person who mounts or preserves the carcass of any wild animal for any type of compensation. It is not required of agents or employees of taxidermists while working under the direct supervision of a taxidermist permit holder. A taxidermist permit can only be issued if the applicant also has a Department of Revenue Seller's Permit. You are not required to have a taxidermy permit if you only do taxidermy work as a hobby. When you start receiving money or any type of compensation for your work, you must have the permit.

Taxidermy permit application

Taxidermy permit requirements and regulations

Last revised: Tuesday July 09 2019