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Environmental Loans (EL) Compendium of 2015 revisions to chs. NR 162 & NR 166 Priority Scoring and Ranking System – CWFP

(ss. NR 162.50 – 162.53, Wis. Adm. Code)

This page provides information about the changes DNR made to the Priority Scoring and Ranking System sections of the Clean Water Fund Program (CWFP) code. In an effort to streamline the project scoring process, DNR developed a more-automated scoring system for CWFP projects.

Project scoring

The Priority Evaluation and Ranking Formula (PERF) on-line system pulls data directly out of DNR's Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) database to pre-populate information needed for CWFP project scoring. Along with streamlining and going electronic, CWFP staff revamped the system of points awarded for various conditions and activities that make up a project priority score. The revamped system awards points for many of the same factors as those used in the prior system, but the new system gives greater weight to projects for facilities that have to consistently meet strict discharge permit limits.

Supporting documentation

Section NR 162.51(2), Wis. Adm. Code, requires municipalities to, along with their PERF, submit online documentation to support all of the points claimed in the PERF. If DNR does not receive supporting documentation for a particular factor in the PERF, DNR will assign a score of zero to that factor. This requirement is meant to provide evidence for awarding all of the points being requested on the PERF.

All ITAs/PERFs must be submitted: online, annually, by October 31

The deadline for submitting the PERF information was changed from December 31 to October 31 in s. NR 162.52. Instructions for submitting online are available at On-Line System for ITA/PERF Submittals.

PERFs are valid for one state fiscal year only. The PERF and the Notice of Intent to Apply (ITA) are combined into one "document" in the on-line system. You must complete both an ITA and a PERF for the year in which you will submit an application. There is no longer an option when completing the ITA to mark "previously submitted". Each year you are considering applying for a loan for a particular project, you must complete the information fields in the on-line system for both ITA and PERF by October 31.

Splitting complex projects

If there are elements in your CWFP project that are inside "the fence" (facility-related) and elements outside "the fence" (collection-system related), those portions of the project will be scored separately. When submitting an ITA/PERF for what the municipality considers one project, two ITAs/PERFs must be submitted to separate those elements taking place inside "the fence" from those outside "the fence." We can still award one loan for the entire project, even though the project has been split for the purpose of scoring. There may be situations in which the DNR CME will determine that the elements belong together for scoring purposes, but the initial step for the municipality is to submit two separate projects (two separate ITAs/PERFs).

Principal forgiveness (PF)

The main impact of splitting projects relates to the fact that collection-system projects tend to score lower than facility-related projects, and hence may not score high enough to receive principal forgiveness (PF). We can award one CWFP loan to a municipality for two projects for which the higher scoring project receives PF and the lower scoring project does not.

Contact information
Direct questions about statutes, codes, and policies to:
Jeanne Cargill
Policy coordinator, EL section
Bureau of CFA
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For EL program information, contact:
Bureau of CFA
Phone: 608-266-7555
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Last revised: Friday January 15 2016