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Environmental Loans (EL) Compendium of 2015 revisions to chs. NR 162 & NR 166 Financial assistance requirements

(ss. NR 162.07 and NR 166.11, Wis. Adm. Code)

This page provides information about the changes DNR made to the Financial Assistance Requirements sections of the codes. Please note the following changes regarding activities that take place after application submittal but prior to loan closing:

Bid and performance bond

Applicants must provide a copy of both the bid bond and the performance bond for each awarded contract. Previously, we required only the bid bond.

Construction contract

For evidence of a municipality's award of a construction contract, we can accept any of the following:

  • a notice of award,
  • a municipal resolution awarding the contract, or
  • minutes from the municipal meeting at which the determination of award was made.

The documentation should include the name of the selected construction contractor and the dollar amount of the award.

Bound copies

Municipalities must submit a complete, bound copy of each executed construction contract for its project. The bound copy must include up-to-date copies of:

  • the successful bid proposal, including DBE solicitation information
  • the bid bond and the performance bond
  • all addenda to the plans & specifications (P&S)
  • all attachments and appendices to the contract agreement
  • appropriate Davis-Bacon wage rate information
  • any other documentation that makes the contract complete

Compliance with federal requirements

We are required to collect information regarding multiple federal regulations from our SDWLP and CWFP applicants; therefore, we added language regarding compliance with federal requirements to the Financial Assistance Requirements section of each code. Applicants may have to submit compliance documentation related to:

  • DBE solicitation and utilization
  • Use of American Iron and Steel (UAIS)
  • environmental review (a.k.a. ER review or E/A/H review)
  • Davis-Bacon wage rates

In addition, CWFP applicants must document compliance with requirements for:

  • Fiscal Sustainability Plans (FSPs)
  • Green Project Reserve (GPR) activities
  • energy/water efficiency of the project's selected design

Reimbursement resolution and
construction management engineering contract

A municipality must submit a copy of the reimbursement resolution and the construction management engineering contract prior to loan closing. The old code required these documents with the application submittal.

Plan of Operation

We eliminated the previous CWFP requirement to submit a plan of operation.

Contact information
Direct questions about statutes, codes, and policies to:
Jeanne Cargill
Policy coordinator, EL section
Bureau of CFA
For information about a specific loan, contact your project manager:
EL Staff directory - areas of expertise are listed
For EL program information, contact:
Bureau of CFA
Phone: 608-266-7555
Fax: 608-267-0496

Mailing address:
Environmental Loans - CF/2
Dept of Natural Resources
101 S Webster St
PO Box 7921
Madison WI  53707-7921

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Last revised: Friday January 15 2016