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Environmental Loans (EL) Compendium of 2015 revisions to chs. NR 162 & NR 166 Cost eligibility

(ss. NR 162.04 and NR 166.07, Wis. Adm. Code)

This page provides information about the changes DNR made to the Cost Eligibility sections of the codes. In the CWFP and SDWLP codes, the cost eligibility sections are now arranged alphabetically by cost type.


Some eligibility items are listed on their own, while others are listed as sub-units of a more encompassing item. For instance, in both codes you'll see 'professional services' as an eligible cost with many items listed underneath, such as preparing bidding documents, conducting archaeological surveys, performing activities related to compliance with Davis-Bacon requirements, and producing record drawings.

Key elements

Most of the changes in the cost eligibility sections are related to the restructuring of the section or are minor revisions of already existing policies. Key decision-making elements for cost eligibility are:

  • Is the activity or item project-specific?
  • Is the activity or item necessary?
  • Is the extent of and the cost of the activity or item reasonable?

Interim financing cost eligibility

The most significant cost eligibility changes in each of the codes are to the limitations on eligibility of interim financing costs.

The limit on interim financing issuance costs is now capped at $15,000 + 0.5% of the total eligible face amount of the interim financing. Previously, the loan programs could refinance issuance costs of up to $7,500 + 0.5%.

We can now refinance interest costs on interim financing accrued up to 12 months ahead of construction. Previously, we could include interim financing interest costs beginning 6 months prior to the start of construction.

No construction costs requested

The revised cost eligibility sections also allow provision of funding for other project costs when no construction costs are being requested, but only when another governmental funding agency:

  • is involved in the project,
  • is covering the construction costs, and
  • can provide acceptable documentation showing the agency's participation in the project.

Previously, the CWFP and SDWLP couldn't provide any funding for a project unless the applicant was requesting at least some funds for construction costs from our programs.

Contact information
Direct questions about statutes, codes, and policies to:
Jeanne Cargill
Policy coordinator, EL section
Bureau of CFA
For information about a specific loan, contact your project manager:
EL Staff directory - areas of expertise are listed
For EL program information, contact:
Bureau of CFA
Phone: 608-266-7555
Fax: 608-267-0496

Mailing address:
Environmental Loans - CF/2
Dept of Natural Resources
101 S Webster St
PO Box 7921
Madison WI  53707-7921

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Last revised: Friday January 15 2016