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Environmental Loans (EL) Compendium of 2015 revisions to chs. NR 162 & NR 166 Application

(ss. NR 162.06 and NR 166.10, Wis. Adm. Code)

This page provides information about the changes DNR made to the Application sections of the codes. Please make sure you have the most recent application form and read the instructions on the form carefully. Implementation of administrative code revisions requires a number of changes to the applications.

Application completeness

Modifications to the list of items needed to make an application complete include the following:

Construction management contract

If a municipality already has an executed engineering contract for construction management, they must include a copy with the application form. If the municipality has not yet executed a construction management contract by time of application, they must submit the contract prior to preparation of the Financial Assistance Agreement (FAA) if they are requesting financing for those costs. (Previously DNR required submittal of a proposed construction management contract with the application if no executed contract was available; that is no longer required.)

Reimbursement resolution (declaration of intent)

The applicant must include a copy of the reimbursement resolution (declaration of intent) with the application form only if the municipality passed a reimbursement resolution prior to the application deadline. The municipality will have to pass and submit a reimbursement resolution prior to preparation of the FAA.

Approvable P&S - CWFP

For CWFP projects, applicants must submit approvable plans & specifications to DNR's Water Quality Bureau by the application deadline, but they may wait until after bids are final before submitting plans and specifications to the DNR construction management engineer (CME) and DNR project manager.

Approvable P&S - SDWLP

For most SDWLP projects, the applicant must submit approvable plans and specifications to EL for all parts of the project being financed either prior to or with the application.

However, well projects are an exception; the municipality must submit plans and specifications for the drilling of a permanent well with or prior to the application but may submit additional plans at a later date prior to preparation of the FAA. Additional plans may include those for pumps, a wellhouse, treatment, or other well-related plans that cannot be properly drawn before the final well is drilled.

Codifying existing policies

With revisions to the codes, we documented some procedures we already followed:

Before DNR can accept an application:
  • the applicant must submit all applicable required items/information listed on page 1 (one) of the application form to DNR; and
  • the Department of Administration (DOA) must make an initial determination that there is a reasonable likelihood the municipality will be financially capable of paying back a loan.
Funding from multiple state or federal agencies

If a municipality is financing a project with assistance from more than one state or federal agency, and typical documentation for the project is not available due to differences in procedures or items between the agencies, DNR may determine that atypical documentation provided is acceptable.

For example, sometimes we can't obtain typical contractual or bidding documentation for projects partially funded through WisDOT since that agency's bid lettings are performed differently than municipal bid lettings, but we can usually obtain acceptable substitute documentation.

Supporting documentation

DNR may reject applications that are missing multiple items and/or a significant amount of information.

DNR may allow late submittal of an item or information within a short amount of time after the application deadline. This is allowed only if DNR receives the application by the deadline and determines the application was substantively complete by the deadline.

Contact information
Direct questions about statutes, codes, and policies to:
Jeanne Cargill
Policy coordinator, EL section
Bureau of CFA
For information about a specific loan, contact your project manager:
EL Staff directory - areas of expertise are listed
For EL program information, contact:
Bureau of CFA
Phone: 608-266-7555
Fax: 608-267-0496

Mailing address:
Environmental Loans - CF/2
Dept of Natural Resources
101 S Webster St
PO Box 7921
Madison WI  53707-7921

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Last revised: Friday January 15 2016