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Limited Term Job Openings

"Limited Term" jobs are temporary. You are not required to take a civil service examination. However, you must meet certain residency requirements. If you have specific questions about our positions or vacancies, refer to the individual job announcements for the contact information.

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Frequently asked questions about LTE jobs

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Current LTE Job Openings

ID Title Location Deadline
9151 LTE - NAT RES RESEARCH TECHNICIAN Madison 10/27/2014
9152 LTE - NAT RES RESEARCH TECHNICIAN Madison 10/27/2014
9156 LTE - OFFICE ASSOCIATE Madison 10/27/2014
9157 LTE - OFFICE ASSOCIATE Madison 10/27/2014
9149 LTE - IS DATA SERVICES SENIOR Madison 10/29/2014
9150 LTE - IS DATA SERVICES SENIOR Madison 10/29/2014
9167 LTE - FISHERIES TECHNICIAN Fitchburg 10/30/2014
9166 LTE - RANGER Mercer 11/12/2014
Last Posting Date: 10/16/2014
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Last revised: 10/22/2014