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Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine

Share your recipes for the one-pot dishes you gotta have when you get together campside, shoreside, outside or trailside. © DNR Photo
Share your recipes for the one-pot dishes you gotta have when you get together campside, shoreside, outside or trailside.

© DNR Photo

February 2006

we savor

Share your one-pot,
one-pan, must-have favorites.

Good times and good food go hand in hand. Many of the experiences that etch their way into our memory – a favorite campsite, the spring fishing trip, deer camp, a special trip – are a sensory mixture of sights, sounds, people, the feel of the wind, and sometimes smells and tastes. And it's amazing how small things can trigger the experience. One whiff of balsam on a damp day and I'm back on the trail portaging our canoe. A hint of neat's-foot oil and I'm out in center field shagging flies.

Perfumeries and chocolatiers know this phenomenon all too well. In fact they bank on it.

Favored foods can do that too – the savory smell of stew following an opening day hunt, frying walleye at a shore lunch, a slow pot of soup simmering over a campfire.

We're betting that you have some homemade favorites that provide the crowning touch to your days afield – a casserole that you always serve when camping, a dish you always have at deer camp, a tinfoil wrap that only works on a bed of coals, a drink that only tastes good accompanied by a game of poker in the ice shanty, a cobbler or home-canned jam you have to make with fresh-picked berries, a cookie that's always in your rucksack when you hike.

Send those recipes our way and we'll publish them this summer alongside a few favorites from a new campside cookbook produced by our friends at Peninsula State Park.

Suggestions for cooking up your story:

  1. Why is this recipe special? Briefly tell us in a paragraph or two how you discovered this dish, who passed it down to you or why it is special to your group.

  2. Time-tested and good – Share recipes that you've tried several times, tinkered with or perfected over many outings until they are crowd pleasers.

  3. Readily available, fresh ingredients – We prefer dishes made from scratch with fresh ingredients and slow cooked rather than doctored up canned foods or nuked stuff.

  4. Clearly label measurements and quantities – List volumes in teaspoons, tablespoons and cups. List weights in ounces and pounds.

  5. Provide step-by-step preparations and instructions.

  6. Share your presentation – Take a photograph showing readers how to plate and serve the dish. Also share the ambiance. If you normally serve this by campfire, candlelight or in between hands of a rousing sheepshead game at the cabin, set the stage for us and share the surroundings.

  7. Sign on the dotted line – Please print your name, tell us from which community you are writing, include an address if you send us a picture you want returned, and provide a phone number or e-mail address in case we need to ask a question about your recipe. We want to make sure we spell names correctly for those stories that are published, and we publish as many usable entries as we can.

  8. Send submissions by April 1st to: Outdoor Favorites, Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine, P.O. Box 7921, Madison, WI 53707.