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June 2015

Celebrating a half century of rail trails

Fifty years ago Wisconsin blazed a trail that started a nationwide movement.

Joseph Warren

Twenty–foot–high doors line each side of the entrance. Passing under the giant, hand–cut archway and into darkness, the temperature drops quickly. Inside, muffled echoes reverberate through, broken by the sound of dripping water and the quick, darting glances of flashlights dancing along damp walls. A speck of light in the distance signifies the only other way out. Like delving into a cave, this is a unique experience.

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CessnaŽ Skymaster 337 © Ed CulhaneA centennial year for DNR aviation
A time to celebrate DNR pilots who serve critical, life–saving roles.

First place: The Stare © Brad BelliseAnd the winners are...
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These invasive worms jump when handled. © DNR FileJumping worms
There's a new creepy–crawly in Wisconsin.

Animals that assist plants in their reproduction are pollinators.Bee aware
Wisconsin pollinators are critical to the economy and Wisconsin landscape.

A sulphur butterflyPeninsula State Park pollinators
A garden is a welcome waystation for monarchs and other butterflies.

Kettle Moraine Oak Opening State Natural Area © Thomas A. MeyerShowing a passion for Wisconsin's wild places
There's a growing partnership to tackle the task of caring for state natural areas.

DNR LogoThe Symbol Sleuths

Loon chick riding on their parents' back © Carol StoneLoon language
The hidden meaning behind the loon's iconic calls.

Two canoers fishing on the Flambeau River. © Ron WeberMushrooms galore
Ephemeral delicacies from Wisconsin's third kingdom.

Dream River cavern at Cave of the Mounds © Cave of the MoundsWhere history and nature meet
Cave of the Mounds: The story of a Wisconsin treasure.

A quiet lake, a rowboat © Diane WeberSimply fishing
Respect for the rowboat and Grandpa.

A Lafayette County Bluebird Society trail hike attracts kids and adults. © Carol McDanielBluebirds brought them together
The result is a nature center in southwest Wisconsin with a focus on the future.

Pam McVety takes a water clarity measurement with a Secchi disc. © Bob McvetyDive into the Secchi Dip–In
Volunteers collaborate on North American Water Clarity Project.

Keep Wildlife WildKeep Wildlife Wild
The Wisconsin DNR and Wisconsin wild animals thank you for helping! (PDF 1.13 MB)