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April 2016

There's so much to explore in Wisconsin!

Get started with the Natural Resources Foundation field trips.

Christine Tanzer

With DNR professionals and expert naturalists as your guides, venture into the field to explore Wisconsin and the myriad species and habitats it harbors. From frogs and turtles to butterflies and salamanders. From bogs and barrens to prairies and old-growth forests. With 188 field trips in the lineup this year, the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin's adventures span all corners of the state, giving participants the unique opportunity to learn about ecological riches and natural wonders. So, grab your hiking boots, bicycles and canoe paddles, and join us to explore Wisconsin!

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Photo of a woman guide and group of followers in a prairie setting © Natural Resources Foundation of WisconsinConnecting people to the wonders of Wisconsin
Natural Resources Foundation celebrates 30 years of partnership with the DNR.

Photo of a common yellowthroat sitting in a tree © Jeff GalliganThe Great Wisconsin Birdathon
From your backyard.

Photo of a Blanchard's cricket frog clinging to a stem © Rori PaloskiWisconsin Frog and Toad Survey
Thirty-five years of monitoring in Wisconsin.

Photo of woman in prairie holding yellow wildflower © Brian Passino, Kenosha NewsEcological treasures
Wisconsin is home to wetlands of international importance.

Photo of a child's drawing of a tree and sun © Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation AssociationDrawing the future of conservation
Statewide poster contest gives students the opportunity to learn about conservation through a new medium.

Photo of young girl holding a Canada goose © Kerry MotoviloffTeach a girl to hunt
You may have a hunting partner for life.

Photo of young woman kneeling in front of harvested turkey © Mark LaBarberaiPhone, iPad, iSurrender
Technology on a turkey hunt.

Photo of dwarf lake iris © Thomas A. MeyerSparse and special
Red Banks Alvar State Natural Area hosts rare species.

Photo of adult sandhill crane standing in nest over two young chicks © Bill LaFleurChick fight
In this battle, just about anything goes.

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