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December 2016

In search of winter

Backpacking into a frozen land.

Ed Culhane

I thought I would be warm and cozy that first night sleeping in a snow coffin, deep in a winter wilderness. It didn't work out that way.

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Photo of a red barn and a snowy landscape © Steve AppsLet it snow
"Panhandle hooks" bring white stuff perfect for packing.

Little boy in winter clothes stooping on the ice and holding a small fish © R.J. and Linda MillerChoose wisely
DNR offers an "eating your catch" guide.

Photo of a blue lake, blue sky, green grass and a tree © XXXXXA greater clarity
Unprecedented citizen actions led to a cleaner, clearer Deer Lake.

Photo of a man stooping on the ice, preparing an underwater camera  © Paul SkawinskiA world beneath the ice
Aquatic greenery thrives, even in the white season.

An illustration showing a wolf in a night-time landscape howling at the moon © PixabayWolf song
Hikers were serenaded on a crystal-cold moonlit night more than a half-century ago.

Snowy photo of a cabin in the woods © Charles MortensenRewards of a little cabin in the woods
Every season has a story.

Closeup photo of a hognose snake © Don BlegenThe great pretender
The hognose snake is famous for putting on a good show.

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