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August 2016

Get the picture with Snapshot Wisconsin

DNR's newest volunteer opportunity will help track and monitor wildlife populations.

Kathryn A. Kahler

Some of the photos are cute, funny, amazing, even a little eerie or ghostly. Others are mundane or just plain boring. Identifying the subject can be quite simple, or can require scrutiny and a great deal of imagination. These intriguing snapshots are part of an exciting new volunteer opportunity open to anyone with a computer willing to become a wildlife detective.

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Monarch butterfly sitting on a milkweed blossum © Paul SkawinskiNative plant gardening
It's for the birds (and bees and butterflies).

Eurasian watermilfoil plant in water © Paul SkawinskiThe science behind the "so-called" super weed
Recent studies help to understand the effects of Eurasian watermilfoil on Wisconsin lakes.

Northern harrier hawk perched on branch © Don BlegenGetting to know the gray ghosts
Northern harriers rule the day flying low and hunting over fields and marsh.

Group of hikers on rock trail at Mirror Lake State Park © Dean TvedtGolden events
Three Wisconsin state park gems celebrate 50th anniversaries this summer.

Man standing on top of rock formation with vista in background © Tyler BrandtRestoring a favorite boyhood haunt
Reclaiming rare landscapes and a connection to John Muir.

Boy tossing lunch tray in garbage can © Katie StaackeThinking outside the bin
Schools around Wisconsin are closing the compost loop.

Young woman standing next to recycling and composting bins © Sophia IshamMaybe it starts with just one
But what happens when one plastic bag becomes 100 billion?

Photo of a gray wolf © Gary KramerHunting without harvest
Try "hunting" with a camera, pen, notebook or even your memory.