Trout fishing in WisconsinBayfield County classified trout streams

Official Waterbody NameLocal Waterbody NameStart MileEnd MileTrout ClassCountiesMap Link
Bark RiverBark River0.006.21CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Bearsdale CreekBearsdale Creek0.002.51CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
Bearsdale SpringsBearsdale SpringsCLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
Big BrookBig Brook0.008.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Birch RunBirch Run0.001.76CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Blaser CreekBlazer Creek0.003.00CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Bolen CreekBolen Creek0.002.94CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Bono CreekBono Creek0.003.00CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Bono CreekBono Creek3.005.57CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Brickyard CreekBrickyard Creek0.002.85CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Cap CreekCap Creek0.009.00CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
Castle CreekCastle Creek0.005.00CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
Chicago CreekChicago Creek0.002.00CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Cranberry RiverCranberry River0.009.94CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Dahl CreekDahl Creek0.012.84CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
De Champs CreekDechamps Creek0.005.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
East Fork Cranberry RiverEast Fork Cranberry River0.009.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
East Fork Flag RiverEast Fork Flag River0.005.15CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
East Fork Iron RiverEast Fork Iron River0.0016.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
East Fork White RiverEast Fork White River0.001.00CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
East Fork White RiverEast Fork White River5.006.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Eighteenmile CreekEighteen Mile Creek0.0016.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Eighteenmile Creek SpringEighteenmile Creek SpringsCLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Fish CreekEileen Creek0.001.29CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Fish CreekFish Creek (Oulo Creek)9.0312.37CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Fivemile CreekFivemile Creek0.003.10CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
Flag RiverFlag River0.003.10CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Flag RiverFlag River3.1114.80CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Fourmile CreekFourmile Creek0.007.18CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Hanson CreekHanson Creek0.003.82CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
Hawkins CreekHawkins Creek0.003.64CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Hill CreekHill Creek0.004.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Iron RiverIron River0.002.06CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Iron RiverIron River2.0410.70CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
Iron RiverIron River10.7027.18CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Jader CreekJader Creek0.016.68CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Johnson CreekJohnson Creek0.005.24CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
Johnson SpringsJohnson SpringsCLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Kern CreekKern Creek0.003.47CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Lenawee CreekLenawee Creek0.001.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Little BrookLittle Brook0.132.97CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Little Pine CreekLittle Pine Creek0.002.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Little Sioux RiverLittle Souix River0.008.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Long Lake BranchLong Lake Br0.0016.92CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Lost Creek # 1Lost Creek 10.003.00CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Lost Creek # 2Lost Creek 20.004.40CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Marengo RiverMarengo River11.7438.51CLASS IIIAshland,BayfieldMap Link
Marengo RiverMarengo River39.2553.25CLASS IIAshland,BayfieldMap Link
Middle CreekMiddle Creek0.002.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Morgan CreekMorgan Creek0.008.00CLASS IIAshland,BayfieldMap Link
Mulligan CreekMulligan Creek0.004.00CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
Muskeg CreekMuskeg Creek0.0013.00CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Namekagon RiverNamekagon River74.1686.00CLASS IIBayfield,SawyerMap Link
Namekagon RiverNamekagon River86.0192.23CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
North Fish CreekNorth Fish Creek0.007.45CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
North Fish CreekNorth Fish Creek7.4617.07CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
North Fish CreekNorth Fish Creek17.0517.47CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
North Fork Whittlesey CreekNorth Fork Whittlesey Creek0.002.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
North Fork Whittlesey CreekNorth Fork Whittlesey Creek2.004.37CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
North Pikes CreekNorth Pikes Creek0.004.73CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Onion RiverOnion River0.004.15CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Ounce RiverOunce River12.0425.08CLASS IIIBayfield,DouglasMap Link
Pikes CreekPikes Creek0.009.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Pine CreekPine Creek0.005.64CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Pre-Emption CreekPre-Emption Creek0.007.22CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Raspberry RiverRaspberry River0.012.10CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Reefer CreekReefer Creek8.2315.90CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Rocky RunRocky Run0.002.51CLASS IBayfield,DouglasMap Link
Sand RiverSand River0.025.42CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Sandy RunSandy Run1.651.94CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Sandy RunSandy Run Creek0.001.65CLASS IBayfield,DouglasMap Link
Saxine CreekSaxine Creek0.003.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Schacte CreekSchacte Creek0.003.96CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Shunenberg CreekShunenberg Creek0.000.94CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Shunenberg SpringsSchunenberg SpringsCLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Sioux RiverSouix River0.007.47CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Sioux RiverSouix River7.4716.85CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Siskiwit RiverSiskiwit River0.001.00CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Siskiwit RiverSiskiwit River1.006.54CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
South Fork White RiverSouth Fork White River0.012.84CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Spring CreekCable Creek0.003.00CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Squaw CreekSquaw Cr. Trib S25, T51N, R6W0.612.95CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
Squaw CreekSquaw Creek0.000.61CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Tader CreekTader Creek0.002.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Tars CreekTars Creek0.001.36CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
Thompson CreekThompson Creek (Vandeventer)0.006.13CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Totagatic RiverTotagatic River68.9669.97CLASS IIIBayfield,SawyerMap Link
Townsend CreekTownsend Creek0.001.94CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Twenty Mile CreekTwenty Mile Creek0.002.87CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
Twenty Mile CreekTwenty Mile Creek2.8812.91CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedCastle Creek Trib (S33)0.003.79CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedCreek S26 (White River Trib)0.000.67CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedCreek S26 (White River Trib)0.001.43CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedCreek S7 (Twenty Mile Creek Tributary)0.001.87CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedEast Fork Iron River0.002.33CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedLong Lake Branch Trib (S16)0.001.32CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedMarengo River Trib (S20)0.001.35CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedMarengo River Trib (S9)0.003.65CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedNorth Fish Creek Trib S13, T47n R6w0.003.27CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedSaxine Creek Trib (S30)0.002.88CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedSquaw Bay Tributary (S23)0.000.32CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedSquaw Creek0.001.95CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedTrib To Siskiwit Bay T51n R6w S340.001.39CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedTrib. To Sioux R. T48n R5w S7 (Nesw)0.002.86CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedTrib. To Siskiwit River T50n R6w S240.001.85CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedTrib. To The Raspberry River T51n R4w S020.002.00CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedTributary to Morgan Creek0.000.81CLASS IIAshland,BayfieldMap Link
UnnamedTwenty Mile Creek Trib (S1)0.001.46CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUNNAMED TRIB. TO PINE CREEK T47N R6W S11 SWSW0.000.87CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed (Slaughter House Creek)0.001.69CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Long Lake Br. Trib T45n R7w S22 (West)0.001.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Long Lake Br. Trib. T45n R6w S90.001.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Long Lake Br. Trib. T45n R7w S27 (East)0.001.93CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib To Dechamps Creek T48n R8w S320.000.85CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib To Marengo River T44n R5w S16 (Nwne)0.002.00CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib To Marengo River T44n R5w S90.011.59CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib To Onion River T49n R4w S50.001.98CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib To Sand Bay T51n R4w S60.012.23CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib To Whisky Creek T44n R5w S130.002.26CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib. To Cranberry River East Fork0.005.52CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib. To Eighteenmile Creek T44n R6w S80.001.09CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib. To Marengo River T44n R5w S150.001.54CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib. To Pine Creek T47n R6w S11 Swsw0.000.62CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib. To Sioux River T48n R5w So4 (Nene)0.002.24CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed trib. to Bark River(T50-R7W-S12-13d)0.001.32CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed trib. to Bark River(T50-R7W-S13-3c)0.000.53CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed trib. to North Fish Creek(T47-R6W-S22-5c)0.000.27CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed trib. to North Pikes Creek(T50-R4W-S4-14a)0.001.16CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed trib. to Pikes Creek(T54-R4W-S28-5a)0.000.67CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed trib. to Whittlesey Creek(T48-R5W-S35-3c)0.001.14CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Pikes Creek(T50-R4W-S28-5a)0.000.88CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T47-R6W-S10-4b)CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T47-R6W-S22-6a)0.000.38CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T49-R7W-S6-14c)0.000.03CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T49-R7W-S6-8a)CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T49-R8W-S1-1a)4 O'clock0.001.28CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T49-R8W-S1-1a)5 O'clock0.001.20CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T49-R8W-S1-2c)0.001.70CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T49-R8W-S36-4b)0.000.16CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T50-R6W-S7-12c)0.000.62CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T50-R7W-S13-12c)0.000.84CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T50-R7W-S13-6b)0.001.14CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T50-R7W-S13-8d)0.001.05CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T50-R7W-S23-12d)CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T50-R7W-S34-8d)0.001.07CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
UnnamedWhite River Trib NW/NE. S26, T46N, R7W0.000.73CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Unnamed trib to Bark River(T50_R7W_S12_13a)Unnamed trib to Bark River(T50_R7W_S12_13a)CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Unnamed(T50-R7W-S12-13a)Unnamed(T50-R7W-S12-13a)CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Whisky CreekWhiskey Creek0.000.84CLASS IIIBayfieldMap Link
Whisky CreekWhisky Creek1.452.18CLASS IIBayfieldMap Link
White RiverWhite River13.9663.03CLASS IIAshland,BayfieldMap Link
White RiverWhite River64.3566.58CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Whittlesey CreekWhittlesey Creek0.002.61CLASS IBayfieldMap Link
Whittlesey CreekWhittlesey Creek2.613.52CLASS IBayfieldMap Link