Gills Coulee Creek TMDL


Gills Coulee Creek is a tributary to the La Crosse River, located in La Crosse County in west central Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) placed Gills Coulee Creek on the state’s 303(d) impaired waters list due to degraded in-stream habitat from excessive sedimentation. The Clean Water Act and USEPA regulations require each state develop Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for waters on the Section 303(d) impaired waters list. The purpose of the TMDL is to identify load allocations and management actions that will help restore the biological integrity of the stream.


Due to excessive sedimentation, Gills Coulee Creek is currently not meeting applicable narrative water quality criterion as defined in NR 102.04 (1). Excessive sedimentation is considered an objectionable deposit. In addition, Gills Coulee is currently listed as a warm water forage fishery and is not supporting its codified use as a coldwater fish community.


The water was first listed in 2002 and the TMDL was developed and subject to public review from July 25th, 2006 through August 25th, 2006. On July 25th, 2006 a news release was sent to: newspapers, television stations, radio stations, interest groups, and interested individuals. The news release indicated the public comment period and how to obtain copies of the public notice and the draft TMDL. The news release, public notice, and draft TMDL were also placed on the DNR’s website. A total of ten comments were received.

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Gills Coulee is a five mile stream in central La Crosse County that flows southeast before reaching the La Crosse River near West Salem, Wisconsin. It has a moderate gradient of 44.4 feet per mile and drains an area of approximately 5.9 square miles. Gills Coulee is codified as a Class III coldwater. The TMDL is in implementation. trout stream from its mouth upstream for one mile, and as a Class II coldwater trout stream for the remaining length (Table A-2). The existing use for Gills Coulee is currently listed as warm water forage fishery (Table A-1).