Hardies Creek TMDL


The Hardies Creek TMDL is a product of a partnership between the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) and the Galesville-Ettrick-Trempealeau High School (GET) Science Department. In 2004, the WDNR provided funding, through a local water quality assistance grant to GET, to support supplemental data collection for the development of the TMDL. In coordination with WDNR field staff and under the direction of Mr. Jon Johnson (GET Science Teacher), students monitored habitat, macroinvertebrates, and water chemistry and assisted with fish electro-shocking in Hardies creek. Some of the information collected by students with WDNR supervision was used in the development of this TMDL.


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) developed a sediment TMDL for Hardies Creek. By implementing measures to reduce the sediment loading, the TMDL will also address the degraded habitat impairment in the creek.


Reductions in runoff rates and solids loads from nonpoint sources such as streambank erosion are necessary to address the degraded habitat impairment in Hardies Creek and reduce the impacts on the aquatic life, so the stream can meet water quality standards (WQS).

Study Design

More information about GET environmental monitoring activities is published online at: http://www.getschools.k12.wi.us/hs/staff/jonjohnson/Final%20Webpage/EVS%20Whole%20Mainpage.html.

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After a full and complete review, USEPA finds that the TMDL for Hardies Creek satisfies all of the elements of an approvable TMDL. This document addresses a total of 1 TMDL for 1 waterbody segment with a total of 2 impairments from the 2006 Wisconsin 303(d) list.
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Hardies Creek Project for impaired waters monitoring. The Hardies Creek TMDL is approved.