Rush Creek 303d Evaluation Continuation - SCR_06_CMP13


This is year two continuation of a previous Project ID: SCR_05_CMP12 for additional monitoring of Rush Creek (WBIC: 1240100) in Iowa County, which is a listed 303d water. Jean Unmuth and interns will collect macroinvertebrates at two sites, and monitor water temperature.


This will ensure multiple lines of data exist before a decision to delist the stream can be made to remove Rush Creek (WBIC 12140100) from the 303d list. Additional macroinvertebrate samples will be collected at SWIMS stations 10022678 Rush Creek Road, and 10022679 Lower Wyoming Road, and water temperature data will be collected at Lower Wyoming Road.


Evaluation of this water for impairment listings. 1. Number of sample sites associated with the project = 2. Number of sampling events associated with the project = 13. Estimated date when sample collection will be complete = November 2012. Estimated date when all data will be entered into appropriate database = upon receipt of macroinvertebrates from UWSP. Estimated date when final report will be complete = March 2013

Study Design

Fish were monitored in June 2010, using a towboat electroshocker in Rush Creek at three sites: Weaver Rd., Lower Wyoming Rd. St. 2, and Rush Creek Rd. St. 1. In addition to the latter sites, in 2007 DNR Fish Management monitored two other sites, at locations along Upper Wyoming Road (Table 1, Figure 1). Fish indices of biotic integrity (FIBI) were analyzed and scores for cold water were used at the uppermost site at Weaver Road, because the dominant fish were cold water species and the natural community designation is cold mainstem. For the remainder of the sites downstream, the cool-cold transition FIBI was used because the dominant fish captured were transitional eurythermal species, and the natural community designation was cool-cold transition mainstem. Quantitative habitat was collected at three sites in June 2011; Weaver Road, Lower Wyoming Road St. 2, and Rush Creek Road St. 1. Habitat ratings and scores were calculated and evaluated. Macroinvertebrates were collected using a kick net in fall of 2011, from the same sites where habitat was collected sites. Water chemistry was collected from only the Lower Wyoming Road St. 2 site between June and October. Samples were submitted to the state lab of hygiene for analysis. Water chemistry parameters collected monthly from June through October were total phosphorus and total suspended solids. Parameters collected just once in July include ammonia-nitrogen, nitrate-nitrite, kjeldahl-nitrogen, and orthophosphate. During monthly water chemistry collections, a YSI 566 meter and transparency tube were used to collect instantaneous water temperature, dissolved and saturated oxygen, pH, specific conductivity, and water transparency. Water temperature and dissolved oxygen was also collected during habitat evaluation at Weaver Rd, Lower Wyoming Rd. St. 2, and Rush Creek Rd. St. 1.

QA Measures

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