Sugar Pecatonica Basin TMDL


The Sugar Pecatonica River Basin is located in southern Wisconsin with a drainage basin of approximately 1,832 square miles in Dane, Rock, Lafayette, Green, and Iowa counties, and another 796 square miles in northern Illinois. Larger municipalities in the Wisconsin basin include Verona, Monroe, Mt. Horeb, Dodgeville, Darlington, parts of Fitchburg, and parts of Madison. The basin also has some of the most productive farmland in Wisconsin. Most of the agricultural activities in the basin are dairy farming, cash cropping, and livestock feeder operations .


Implementation of this TMDL will require runoff management and other best management practice projects and cooperative projects with local agencies to realize phosphorus and sediment reductions.


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This project involved farm inventories to identify sediment source reduction to the level required by the TMDL. Individual field-level management practices will be identified to reach the prescribed sediment loss goals. Identification of funding sources will also be completed as part of the activities. DNR will complete water quality monitoring in the streams to track water quality changes under existing monitoring protocols using separate funding sources.
After a full and complete review, USEPA finds that the TMDLs for the Sugar-Pecatonica River Basin satisfy all of the elements of approvable TMDLs. This document addresses a total of 23. TMDLs for 23 waterbody segments with a total of 52 impairments from the 2004 Wisconsin 303(d) list.
Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for sediment address sedimentation and degraded habitat impairment conditions in the above 20 streams. Final TMDL Report. TMDLs for Sediment Impaired Streams in the Sugar-Pecatonica River Basin. June 28, 2005.
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