Big Eau Pleine River (1427200) Volunteer (CBSM) 303 d Monitoring - Continued- WCR_02_CMP12


The Big Eau Pleine Flowage (wbic 1427200) is listed on the Federal 303 (d) list for violations of the State dissolved oxygen and pH water quality standards. The Big Eau Pleine River is also on the list for dissolved oxygen levels below the water quality standard. Both listings are a result of excessive nutrient loading, primarily phosphorus, to the river and flowage. The Department started a multi-year water quality study in 2009 to develop a TMDL for the river and flowage. The study will be completed in conjunction with Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company's (WVIC) three year flowage monitoring plan mandated in their FERC license. WVIC will begin their flowage monitoring in 2010 and continue through 2012. The Big Eau Pleine River at STH 97 has been sampled monthly for nutrients and solids since 2005 as part of baseline Tier I wadable stream monitoring and special project 303 d monitoring. TMDL monitoring started in October 2009 with bi weekly tributary sampling completed by the Department and an advanced volunteer monitor. TMDL monitoring will continue through September 2012. This project would provide funding for water chemistry analysis at the SLOH and travel expenses for a volunteer monitor.


The objective of this project is to provide multiple years of sediment and nutrient data to be used for the development of a TMDL for the BEP watershed. The data will be collected over multiple years by combining monitoring efforts of WVIC, a volunteer monitor and DNR. Specifically, the project will provide multiple years of monthly tributary monitoring along with streamflow (already monitored by USGS) to provide more accurate loading estimates from the watershed. The project request will be used to pay the cost of sample analysis, postage and volunteer travel. This project was approved for FY10 and FY 11 and funding is needed for FYI2 and FY 13 to complete the study as planned.


The Department would like to obtain FY 12 funding (July 2011 through June 2012) for water chemistry analysis at the SLOH and volunteer travel expenses. Additional funding for FY13 (July 2012 through September 2012) will be requested to complete the final three months of monitoring. A volunteer has collected monthly samples since July 2007 and the continuation of monthly sampling through September 2012 will provide mulitple years of loading data from three tributaries to the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir. Monthly water chemistry samples will be analyzed for suspended solids, total phosphorus and dissolved phosphorus. In addition to the water chemistry samples, field parameters of dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH and turbidity tube measurements will be collected during each visit.

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