Blue River 303d Evaluation SCR_01_CMP12


This project follows a general assessment, and is a more specific assessment of the Blue River WBIC: 1211000, at SWIMS Stations: 10021058 and 10021311, 10022507, 10022585, and 10033437. Field work will include Fish IBI's, Macroinvertebrate collections,flow, quantitative habitat for all 5 sites, and water quality - ammonia, nitrogen series, kjeldahl, phosphorus, and suspended solids at one upper site, one middle site, and one lower site. SCR staff will conduct fieldwork to assess the 303 d segment in the upper portion of the watershed to verify if the listing is accurate.


General assessment previously conducted (2007) results for FIBI indicated very poor at both sites, MIBI & HIBI Fair. Appears that lack of habitat and nutrients from excessive agriculture may be negatively impacting the stream. This specific assessment will verify the latter plus give additional data necessary for evaluating whether the impaired water listing is accurate.


Performance Measures: 1) Five sample sites are associated with the project. 2) Number of sampling events associated with project: 9 3) Estimated date when sample collection will be complete is November 2011. 4) Estimated date when most data will be entered into SWIMS & Fisheries databases is December 2011, except for macroinvert data - November 2012 5) Estimated date hen final report will be complete March 2012, except for macronvert data.

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