Tainter Lake, Lake Menomin TMDL


Phosphorus TMDLs for Lakes Menomin and Tainter were completed in May 2012 and approved by the EPA on September 14, 2012. These "lakes" are impoundments of the Red Cedar River. The Red Cedar River drains portions of seven counties; land use is primarily agriculture which contributes to excess phosphorus leading to recreational impairments (unsightly blue-green algal blooms that limit wading, swimming and boating) in Lake Menomin and Tainter Lake. Please visit the UW-Extension Red Cedar River Watershed website for more information and details on outreach activites associated with the TMDL and the Lower Chippewa Basin.


Reduce the sediment and nutrient contribution to Tainter Lake by implementing agricultural best management practices using innovative practices. The project will also educate landowners about the environmental and economic benefits of conservation practices, focusing on the root causes of Tainter Lake’s phosphorus loads and sedimentation. Implement innovative techniques to increase conservation implementation in the Red Cedar River watershed. The project will provide agricultural producers with the tools necessary to implement conservation practices on their own lands thus reducing the nutrient and sediment loads to Tainter Lake


July 2009- June 2010 Conduct an information campaign to inform farmers of our short term strategy and encourage them to become involved. o Educational field days on farms in the township. Create a list of BMPs and their pollutant reduction efficiency for the farmers o Complete soil sampling. o Conduct site visits to discuss current farming practices. o Run SNAP Plus on farms that were soil sampled. Secure a no till drill for farmers in the township to use. Assist farmers in determining the best long term strategy. July 2010- June 2011 Conduct outreach in order to get 20 landowners to sign up for the selected long term strategy. o Press releases in Colfax newspaper o Post cards sent to all landowners o Informational meetings held at Grant Town Hall  Evaluate and sign contracts with participating farmers. o Conduct site visits to discuss progress and to ensure implementation o Begin compiling records of conservation implementation Survey participants to determine how satisfied they were with the selected long term strategy and implementation. Evaluate project to determine success, difficulties and changes that should be made. Hold an informational meeting to share the outcome of the project Based on the evaluation of the project, expand the project to the whole watershed.

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EPA finds that the TP TMDLs for Tainter Lake and Lake Menomin satisfy all of the elements of an approvable TMDL. This approval is for 2 waterbody segments impaired by total phosphorus for a total of 2 TMDLs. These TMDLs address the eutrophication impairments on these lakes.