Big Eau Pleine River Citizen Monitoring - WCR_02_10


Project Description: The Big Eau Pleine Flowage is identified as an Impaired waterbody on the 303 d list. The flowage is located in Marathon County and > 70% of the watershed landuse is agriculture. Nutrient and sediment loading from the watershed causes severe summer algae blooms and contributes to low dissolved oxygen levels in the winter. WCR has scheduled TMDL monitoring for the flowage to begin in FY10 to address the impairment. This project will fund an advanced volunteer monitor for collecting monthly water chemistry samples from three major tributaries to the Big Eau Pleine Flowage. Samples will be collected the second week of each month and shipped to the SLOH for nutrient, chlor a and TSS analysis. This information will be collected in conjunction with other monitoring activities and used to develop a TMDL for the flowage. The study is designed for two years of monitoring and a third year might be necessary depending on precipitation and corresponding water levels in the flowage. At a minimum, this is a two year project and funding will be requested again in FY11


Project Justification: WCR is submitting other Special Project requests to fund the overall TMDL project for the Big Eau Pleine Flowage. This information will be used with other data collected by DNR to calculate nutrient and sediment loads to the flowage from the watershed. The information will also be used with a response model (BATHTUB) to determine how the flowage responds to phorsphorus increases and decreases from the watershed.


A final TMDL report will be completed after all monitoring and modeling is completed for the flowage. The entire project is planned for two years so a similar funding request will be made in FY11

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