Little Bear Creek (1234700) 303(d) Evaluation SCR_05_09


Project Description: Jean Unmuth lead biologist. Collect additional data 303 d evaluation and to determine if the stream has the potential to reach the attainable use listing of Cold water. Little Bear Creek is located in Sauk and Richland Counties.


Project Justification: The project is necessary for accurate assessment of whether the stream should be included in the 303 d list, to assess use designation, and determine if it has the potential as a cold water stream for trout. Fish IBI survey in 2007 indicated poor coldwater IBI at two stream sites. However, one site, sampled in August not enough fish collected for proper IBI evalutation because of overhanging vegetation in a stream less than 1.5 m wide average. A third evaluation site is also necessary since the stream is 8.0 miles in length. Observations recorded during fish & macroinvert collections were that there was historical dredging, a lack of in-stream habitat and cover, excessive sediment, and in some areas heavy agricultural practices on the stream banks. At site 2 there is a large CAFO that has a pit that leaked into a wetland adjacent to the stream in 2007.


Performance Measures: 1) 3 sites in 8.0 stream miles 2) 10 trips; collect fish, water chem, habitat & Sonde temp/DO 3) Sample collection complete: 11/10/2008 4) Data entry date: 01/30/2009 5) Report completion: 02/28/2009 Project has resulted in submiission of 6.77 stream miles proposed to be placed on the 2010 impaired waters list. Summary Report available on-line in the Bear Creek Watershed Report.

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