Door Creek (802800) and Blackhawk Creek (797000) 303(d) evaluation SCR_01_09


Conduct an assessment of these waters using biological indicators to determine whether the streams are meeting their natural attainable use. Fish IBI and macroinvertebrate IBI/HBI data will be collected from several sites on each stream. Region staff will collect samples during the sampling season in the calendar year 2008.


Refinement of the 303(d) list - potential to list waters not meeting their attainable use. These waters have been identified by historic data as candidates to be considered as impaired. Monitoring will address the question as to whether these waterbodies are meeting their attainable use. If not, they will be added to the state's list of impaired waters.


Door Creek - 6 sites Blackhawk Creek - 6 sites There will be 2 site visits per site. A fish survey will be conducted at each site on Door Creek and Blackhawk Creek. Macroinvertebrates will be collected from each site in the fall of 2008. Sample collection to be completed in fall, 2008. All data will be entered into the appropriate database (FH or SWIMS). Fish and habitata data by December, 2007. Macroinvertebrate sampling as soon as possible. Final report will be completed by December, 2009.

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