Lower Fox River TMDL Implementation and Upper Fox-Wolf River TMDL Development


This purpose of this project is to fund LTE hours for assistance to Upper Fox-Wolf and Lower Fox River TMDL Coordinator with implementation of the approved Lower Fox TMDL and development/implementation of the Upper Fox-Wolf TMDL.


This project will fund LTE staff time to continue development of the Upper Fox-Wolf River TMDL and implementation of the Lower Fox River TMDL. Main responsibilities will be contacts with external partners to continue implementation and development process, arranging meetings, and coordinating monitoring plan for Lower Fox River with externals. There is no monitoring component of this project.


A "Lower Fox Monitoring Plan" will be coordinated with external partners. Upper Fox-Wolf River TMDL development to be completed by January 2018. All Lower Fox River monitoring results will be entered into SWIMS by external partners (UW Fox Valley).

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