Ahnapee River Monitoring for TMDL Development


This project is to collect water chemistry and flow data needed to develop a TMDL for the Ahnapee River Watershed.


Every two weeks water chemistry samples and flow data will be collected to develop a TMDL for the Ahnapee River Watershed.


Data will be collected with an adequate frequency to characterize the total phosphorus and total suspended solids loading from this watershed. These data will be used to develop a TMDL.

Study Design

Every two weeks water chemistry (total phosphorus and total suspended solids) samples will be collected at two locations (Ahnapee River and Silver Creek) during the open water season by volunteers trained to collect and ship water samples following the WAV protocols. DNR will collect water chemistry samples during winter season. DNR will collect flow measurements of the Ahnapee River and Silver Creek under as many different flow conditions as possible to assist in development of a discharge rating curve. Pressure transducers installed in the streams will be maintained throughout 2017.

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