Manitowoc Area TMDL Monitoring


This project is to collect water chemistry and flow data needed to write a TMDL for the Manitowoc area. The Manitowoc area includes the Manitowoc River Basin, the East Twin River and the West Twin River watersheds.


Every two weeks water chemistry and flow data are needed throughout the area to develop a TMDL. The pour points of 20 HUC12's will be monitored to adequately characterize all 7 HUC10's of the proposed TMDL area.


Data will be collected with an adequate frequency to characterize the total phosphorus and total suspended solids loading from these watersheds. These data will be used to develop a TMDL.

Study Design

Every two weeks water chemistry (total phosphorus and total suspended solids) samples will be collected at 20 pour point locations during the open water season of March - November. Monthly samples will be collected in winter December - February. Flow data will also be collected on at least 10 occasions at several sampling locations to develop a flow rating curve. Pressure transducers will be installed in at least seven locations in the watershed. UW-Manitowoc interns will monitor 5 sites under contract.

QA Measures

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