Project Design: Port Wing Wastewater Pond Restoration


Port Wing Wastewater Pond restoration design plan to hydro logically reconnect 10 acres of wetland in Bayfield Co for $67,700


In this project, an engineering firm will be contracted to develop design plans for restoration at the site. A survey of current elevations and communities will be conducted. Design plans will identify target elevations for the restored site, including re-routing the stream channel. Necessary actions to restore native vegetation to the site will be identified. Disposal locations of berm material will be identified. Costs for restoration will be estimated. Since the Town is the property owner at this site, the Town will solicit bids and manage contractors to complete this work.

Study Design

­- Develop design plans that will restore site hydrology and wetland habitat that is connected to the Bibon Lake and Flag River wetland complex. ­- Select appropriate and cost effective restoration approach ­- Contract with consultant to develop construction and specification plans to 90% completion to achieve wetland restoration goals.

QA Measures

Run Project Summary Report

Great Lakes Restoration Initiative
Reports and Documents
Activities & Recommendations
Restore Hydrology, Morphology
Contract with Engineering consultant to develop design plans