Wild Rice Restoration in St. Louis River AOC


This Scope of Work builds on current efforts and maximizes the previous investments in wild rice restoration in the estuary. This project will be overseen by Minnesota Land Trust (MLT) and includes five tasks: 1) the collection of substrate information for the Wisconsin side of the upper estuary, 2) the installation of predator deterrents for existing seeding areas as determined, and the restoration of 119 acres of wild rice, 3) annual monitoring of restoration sites, 4) improving community understanding of the wild rice restoration program, and 5) grant reporting.

QA Measures

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Reports and Documents
Q3 report for Wild Rice restoration in St. Louis River, WI.
Quarterly report Q2 2017, Minnesota Land Trust Wild Rice Restoration in the St Louis River.
St. Louis River Wild Rice Restoration Quarterly Report Q1 2017
St. Louis River Wild Rice Restoration Quarterly Report Q4 2016