Fish Passage Assessment in the St.Louis River Area of Concern in Wisconsin


This project will conduct a stream crossing assessment throughout the St. Louis River AOC in Wisconsin. The WDNR will contract with a consultant or local partner to complete the assessment. This assessment will identify barriers to aquatic organism passage and then prioritize the replacement of those culverts in order to maximize ecological benefit. It will create a list of priority road stream crossing projects that will facilitate access to aquatic habitats intended to improve brook trout, walleye, smallmouth bass, and white sucker populations. All three of these species are recreationally-important in this AOC. Pending funding, WDNR will ultimately implement the highest priority projects to fulfill management action 9-17 in the St. Louis River AOC Remedial Action Plan (RAP). The implementation of these projects will make progress towards removing the Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat BUI in this AOC. Fish passage projects for walleye, white sucker, and muskellunge identified based on the results of this assessment will also help meet removal targets for the Degraded Fish and Wildlife Populations BUI in this AOC.

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Reports and Documents
Quarterly Report for April to July 2017 prepared by Lake Superior Research Institute (LSRI) Amy Eliot.
2016-Q3 Quarterly Report for Fish Passage Project on St. Louis AOC