Otter Creek TMDL


Otter Creek is impaired due to degraded habitat because of excessive sediment loading from surrounding agricultural lands to the Creek. Otter Creek is currently not meeting the applicable narrative water quality standard (WQS) that prohibits objectionable deposits on the shore or in the bed of a water in amounts that interfere with public rights in the water. To address the degraded habitat impairments, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) determined that sediment, specifically TSS, is the pollutant that must be addressed to attain designated uses and meet WQS.


The State does not have a numeric WQS for TSS therefore, a TMDL specific in-stream TSS target of 100 mg/L was established by WDNR to achieve the necessary sediment load reductions needed to attain the WQS and the designated uses of the Creek. This in-stream TSS concentration needs to be achieved during high flow conditions. If it is achieved during high flow conditions the Creek’s designated uses will be protected during other flow conditions.

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36267 - 331_otter creek final decision. 'The TMDLs for Otter Creek satisfies the elements of an approvable TMDL. This decision approves three TSS TMDLs which will address the degraded habitat impairment.'
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TMDL approved for three TSS TMDLs which will address the degraded habitat impairment on Otter Creek.