Kohlsville River


One-year TMDL Monitoring of Kohlsville River. The Kohlsville River has been listed on the state's 303(d) impaired waters list since 1998 for Total Suspended Solids. In TMDL Development. Part of Rock River TMDL. SWAT Team work in 2006. Kohlsville River is a tributary to the East Branch of the Rock River in Washington County and is currently classified as a WWFF for its entire 9 miles, but has the potential to support trout on 3.5 stream miles (WDNR, 1994). Potential uses of the river are impaired by polluted runoff, hydrologic modifications and the dam at Kohlsville. This study is designed to identify pollutants and impairments related to the reduced condition of the stream.

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Factsheet on the Rock River TMDL. Fact Sheet prepared by SCR to highlight the work conducted by DNR and USEPA and partners to develop a total maximum daily load analysis for the entire Rock River Basin. Many of these waters are listed as NPS dominated streams for sediment, nutrients pollutants resulting in degraded habitat.