Little Willow Creek TMDL


A study to conduct two years of TMDL Monitoring for Little Willow Creek. 1980 trout streams list (class 2). Little Willow Creek is approximately eight miles long, located in the southeast portion of Richland County Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) placed the entire length of Little Willow Creek on the state¿s 303(d) impaired waters list in 1996 as high priority due to degraded habitat caused by excessive sedimentation (Table 1). The Clean Water Act and US EPA regulations require that each state develop TMDLs for waters on the Section 303(d) list.


Due to excessive sedimentation, Little Willow Creek is currently not meeting applicable narrative water quality criterion as defined in NR 102.04 (1); Wisconsin Administrative Code: To preserve and enhance the quality of waters, standards are established to govern water management decisions. Practices attributable to municipal, industrial, commercial, domestic, agricultural, land development, or other activities shall be controlled so that all waters including mixing zone and effluent channels meet the following conditions at all times and under all flow conditions: (a) Substances that will cause objectionable deposits on the shore or in the bed of a body of water, shall not be present in such amounts as to interfere with public rights in waters of the state.” Excessive sedimentation is considered an objectionable deposit. This study is designed to confirm and quantify pollutants contributing to the problems found at Little Willow Creek.

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After a full and complete review, EPA finds that the TMDL submitted for Little Willow Creek satisfies all of the elements of an approvable TMDL. This approval addresses one segment for sedimentation, Water Body ID (WBID) 1221300.
Final TMDL Report June2008
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Little Willow Creek (1221300) TMDL