Gill Creek TMDL


Two-year TMDL Monitoring of Gill Creek for the purpose of TMDL creation, which requires confirmation of sources and impacts of pollutants which reduce the condition of the water. Gill Creek, a tributary to the East Branch of the Rock River just below the Kekoskee Millpond, is considered a Class II trout stream even though it is not listed in Wisconsin Trout Streams. It is one of the few trout streams in the entire Upper Rock River basin. Ponds were constructed in the headwater springs which resulted in warming of the water in the stream. The water quality of this stream continues to be degraded by nonpoint sources of water pollution. Gill Creek and Irish Creek below are part of an NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Project. The DNR and Dodge County LCD are working with the NRCS and area farmers in install practices needed, including streambank buffers, conservation tillage, and nutrient pesticide plans. Several Conservation easements have been signed. Both creeks have been monitored by the DNR for water quality concerns. High levels of nitrate were observed.

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