RED CEDAR LAKES ASSOCIATION: Red Cedar Lake Web Site Development Phase 1


The Red Cedar Lakes Association, Inc. will launch a two phase Web Site Development Project as a means to increase the effectiveness of the Association in educating and informing the lakeshore owners, lake users, local government officials, and the general public on lake management and protection issues and the goals, etc. of the Lake Association. The Lake Association intends to contract with a professional services company to develop the web site. The final product will be presented to the Lake Association members and subsequently to the Village of Birchwood and other interested groups or organizations. Specific deliverables for this project include a summary report listing project activities and accomplishments and a copy of the resultant web home page. The Department of Natural Resources will be provided with both a paper copy and an electronic copy of the final report. The project results will be disseminated to the public by newsletter(s), public meeting(s), and local newspaper articles.

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