RED CEDAR LAKES ASSOCIATION: LMI-DF-Red Cedar Lakes Diagnostic/Feasibility Study


The Red Cedar Lakes Association, Inc. will conduct a comprehensive diagnostic/feasibility study of the Red Cedar Lake basin and watershed and develop a lake management plan. The project will include thirteen elements; (1) Delineation of watershed, (2) Design, installation and operation of stream and lake gauges, (3) Installation and operation of precipitation gauges and groundwater monitoring points, (4) Review of watershed water quality data, (5) In-lake water quality monitoring, (6) Watershed water quality monitoring, (7) Calculation of the phosphorus and sediment budgets and model validation, (8) Publication and review of water quality and phosphorus budget data, (9) Conduct of supplemental surveys and inventories, (10) Evaluation of current land and watershed management measures, (11) Identificaton of recommended land and watershed management measures, (12) Preparation of a lake management plan, and (13) Dissemination of information to the public. Project deliverables for this grant project will be a USGS water-resources investigations report, or equivalent document, a USGS fact sheet, or equivalent document, and a comprehensive lake management plan for the Red Cedar Lakes system. Specific conditions for this project include: ? The installation of all stream and lake gauging stations must receive the approval and/or permit from the Department of Natural Resources water regulation section. The Department of Natural Resources will be provided with electronic and paper copies of the annual and final reports of the results of this study and the lake management plan. The project results will be disseminated to the public by newsletter(s), public meeting(s), and local newspaper articles. Scope amendment 11/12/2002: Element 14. Preparation of a Watershed Initiative Grant Application: Red Cedar River Basin - Phosphorus Reduction Project.

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