POTTERS LAKE P & R DISTRICT: Potters Lake Watershed Study and Management Planning


Definition of the Potters Lake watershed. Identify potential point and nonpoint contaminant sources and quantify the nutrient and contaminant inputs using unit area loads and existing water quality data. Identify the extent of any existing and potentialfuture water quality problems likely to be experienced in the lake. Assessment of the degree and type of land use around Potters Lake and its probable impacts on water quality. Prepare a comprehensive lake management plan. Formulation of appropriatepublic information and education strategies, ordinances, and other possible responses. The grantee will disseminate information to the public by newsletter mailings and public meetings. Project results will be reposited at the Town Hall, SEWRPC, Libraryand DNR.

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LPL-283Potters Lake Watershed Study and Management Planning
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