PORTAGE COUNTY LCD: LCO-Portage Co. Lake Study (Classification) #1


Portage County proposes to initiate a two year study designed to aid in the classification of the County's lakes, resource management decisions and development of a county Smart Growth Comprehensive Plan. The study will focus on 29 lakes and include the following major elements: 1) sampling and water quality analysis, 2) establishment of historic water quality data base, 3) studies of aquatic and near shore plant and animal communities, 4) evaluation of land use change through review of aerial photos, 5) WILMS and seepage lake modelling, 6) GIS mapping, 7) development of informational materials. Phase 1 of the project to include initial data collection. The Department of Natural Resources will be provided with both a paper copy and electronic copy of the final report. Results of the study will be disseminated to the public and to local planners through printed documents, educational packets and a powerpoint presentation.

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LPT-199-03Portage Co. Lake Study (Classification) #1
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