DOOR COUNTY: LCO-Door County Inventory of Surface Water Resources


Door County Soil & Water Conservation Department proposes to conduct a phased approach to the development of protection strategies for its waters including lakes. This phase of the project will collect and analyze information regarding surface water resources in order to develop specific implementation recommendations for phase II indlucing upgrading regulatory programs. Project deliverables shall include a draft and final report containing: 1) an inventory and classification of county inland lakes; 2) appropriate supporting data and maps and; 3) recommendations specifying phase II implementation activities including proposed regulatory standards for shoreland and lake protection. Electronic copieis will be made available upon request of all final reports and maps.

QA Measures

Run Project Summary Report

Lakes Grant
Lake Protection Grant
Reports and Documents
Water report from Door County. Overview of surface water, soil distribution, and Includes maps and data tables.
Activities & Recommendations
Grant Awarded
LPT-091Door County Inventory of Surface Water Resources
Monitor Water Quality or Sediment
ATTAINS Protection Approach
Project to protect waters in the grant area