KEWAUNEE COUNTY: LMI-FD-Kewaunee County lakes Protection Ordinance Project


Kewaunee County proposes to conduct a county-wide inventory, analysis and classification of its surface water resources with the intent to develop a comprehensive land use and resource protection plan. This grant will go to aid in the development of that plan that pertains to the Krohn's and Three Mile/Alaska Lakes and watersheds and will address ordinance concerns specific to the needs of those lake resources. A public involvement and education program will be developed and accompany project development. Deliverables will include: 1) a draft and final report that discusses the portion of the project that describes lake classification including maps, ordinance and other management recommendations; 2) printed materials developed for the information and education program; 3) a progress report at 12 month intervals or at the time of the first reimbursement request describing the status of the above deliverables. Electronic copies will be made available upon request of all final reports and maps.

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