Root Pike Watershed Basin


Root Pike Watershed
Pike River Downstream of Hwy 11. Photo by Craig Helker, WDNR, 2010

About the Basin

The rivers, lakes, groundwater and lands in the Root-Pike River Basin sustain a wide range of plant and animal life. Today we are challenged with finding ways to balance our use of land and water with our desire to protect, restore, and enhance the natural resources in the Root-Pike River Basin. Building and maintaining strong partnerships with shared vision and goals are essential to striking this balance.

Basin Resources

The Pike River Watershed is located in portions of Racine and Kenosha counties, and consists of three sub-basins; the Upper Pike, Pikes Creek, and the Pike River. The Upper Pike River originates near County Highway C in the Village of Mount Pleasant. Pike Creek is a drainage way that originates near Highway 50 in Kenosha County. From there, it flows north along side the Union Pacific Railroad, picking up contributions from agriculture drainage tiles, Airport Branch, Somers Branch and other unnamed tributaries.

The Upper Pike and Pike Creek meet at Petrifying Springs Park, forming the Pike River. From Petrifying Springs, the Pike River flows east, then south through the City of Kenosha before emptying into Lake Michigan. The major tributary to the Pike River is Sorenson Creek. The one named lake found in this watershed is Petrified Springs Park Pond, which covers approximately three acres.

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Impaired Waters

Name / DetailLocal Name / MapStart MileEnd MileWBICWater TypeCountyPollutantImpairment303 StatusPriority
Lake Michigan Alford Park Beach   20Great Lakes BeachKenoshaE. coliRecreational Restrictions - Pathogens303d ListedLow
North Branch Pike River North Branch Of Pike River 05.231900RiverKenosha, RacineSediment/Total Suspended SolidsDegraded Habitat303d ListedLow
North Branch Pike River North Branch Of Pike River 05.231900RiverKenosha, RacineUnknown PollutantChronic Aquatic Toxicity303d ListedLow
Lake Michigan Pennoyer Park Beach (L. Michigan)   20Great Lakes BeachKenoshaE. coliRecreational Restrictions - Pathogens303d ListedLow
Unnamed Waxdale Creek 02.912300RiverRacineSediment/Total Suspended SolidsDegraded Habitat303d ListedLow
Unnamed Waxdale Creek 02.912300RiverRacineUnknown PollutantChronic Aquatic ToxicityPollutant Removed 

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Waters, Watersheds

Watershed Details

Watershed Name/View DetailsWatershed Code/MapWatershed SizeLists (Streams, Lakes, Bays & Harbors)CountiesWater Management Unit (WMU)Major Drainage System
Oak Creek SE05 26.19 mi 2 SE05 Water Lists MilwaukeeSoutheastLake Michigan
Pike River SE02 56.51 mi 2 SE02 Water Lists Kenosha, RacineSoutheastLake Michigan
Pike River - Kenosha SE01 26.84 mi 2 SE01 Water Lists KenoshaSoutheastLake Michigan
Root River SE03 198.97 mi 2 SE03 Water Lists Kenosha, Milwaukee, Racine, WaukeshaSoutheastLake Michigan
Wind Point SE04 18.67 mi 2 SE04 Water Lists Milwaukee, RacineSoutheastLake Michigan


Watershed Plans

The Pike River Watershed has recently been assessed and a plan updated. The document below is an update to the Root-Pike Watershed. Contact Mike Luba, Watershed Supervisor for information from the Sturtevant Service Center (262) 884-2300.

State of the Basin (Basin Plan (2002))

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