Fox Illinois (SE) River Basin


Fox Illinois (SE) Basin
Hobbs Springs, Fox Illinois Basin.
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About the Basin

The Southeast Fox River Basin is located in portions of seven counties, contains (entirely or portions of) 10 cities, 22 villages, 42 towns, and is home to about 500,000 people. The basin is divided into seven watersheds. Three of the watersheds (Upper, Middle and Lower Fox River) contain the Fox River from start to finish and collectively occupy nearly half the basin area (513 square miles). The other watersheds are named after the major rivers they contain. Collectively the seven watersheds contain about 750 miles of perennial streams, over 600 miles of intermittent streams, 78 named lakes and impoundments and many unnamed lakes and ponds. Wetlands encompass nearly 78,000 acres, or 11 percent of the basin land area.

Basin Resources

The Fox River Basin contains nearly 700 miles of streams draining over 1000 square miles of land. Most of the stream miles in the basin are considered full fish and aquatic life streams, meaning they are capable of meeting water quality standards and have the ability to support a full range of fish and aquatic life as habitat and water quality allow. Portions of four streams (9.2 total stream miles) and two lakes within the Southeast Fox River Basin are designated as outstanding or exceptional resource waters. See the Surface Water Data Viewer to view details about the basin.

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Watersheds, Waters

Click the links below to find water resource information for specific watersheds and their waters.

Watershed DetailsWatershed MapWatershed SizeStreams, Lakes, Bays & HarborsCountiesWater Management Unit (WMU)Major Drainage System
Des Plaines River FX01 133.34 mi 2 FX01 Water Lists Kenosha, RacineFox (IL)Mississippi River
Lower Fox River - Illinois FX02 114.04 mi 2 FX02 Water Lists Kenosha, Racine, WalworthFox (IL)Mississippi River
Middle Fox River - Illinois FX04 247.72 mi 2 FX04 Water Lists Milwaukee, Racine, Walworth, WaukeshaFox (IL)Mississippi River
Mukwonago River FX06 86.21 mi 2 FX06 Water Lists Jefferson, Walworth, WaukeshaFox (IL)Mississippi River
Sugar and Honey Creeks FX05 166.22 mi 2 FX05 Water Lists Racine, WalworthFox (IL)Mississippi River
Upper Fox River - Illinois FX07 151.08 mi 2 FX07 Water Lists Washington, WaukeshaFox (IL)Mississippi River
White River and Nippersink Creek FX03 168.35 mi 2 FX03 Water Lists Kenosha, Racine, WalworthFox (IL)Mississippi River


Watershed Plans

One watershed plan has been updated in this basin. This documents are updates to the Central Wisconsin Basin Plan (see below). Contact Jim D'Antuono, Watershed Supervisor for information.

Basin Plan 2002

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