CWD positive in northern WI

The following page includes information on CWD in northern WI.

Know CWD website

Know CWD website [exit DNR]Included on this site is general information about CWD in Wisconsin including common misconceptions.

ways to reduce wildlife-human conflict and avoid wildlife damage.
Wisconsin's rare plants, animals and natural communities.
tips to manage your land for wildlife.
about wildlife health and rehabilitation.

Chronic wasting disease test results

An extensive chronic wasting disease (CWD) surveillance program has been conducted in Wisconsin since 2002. Sample intensity has been sufficient in the majority of the state to have a high degree of confidence that CWD would have been detected if it exists at 1 percent prevalence.

By clicking on a link below, you will go to the CWD test result database. The database will be updated as new test results are received by the Department of Natural Resources, from the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and other labs. If you do not see complete results for a deer, county or deer management zone, please be patient. Tests results are added as they become available. We release information on negative test results within a day after they are received. We release information on positive test results as soon as they are confirmed and we have contacted the hunter.

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Please click on one of the following to view CWD test results. Totals are available for all years or by individual year.

Results for an individual year are for the CWD year which runs from April 1 through March 31. For example the results for the 2007 CWD year would be April 1, 2007 through March 31, 2008.

Contact information
For information on CWD results, contact:
Erin Larson
CWD Data Coordinator
Bureau of Wildlife Management
Last revised: Monday November 04 2013