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Know CWD website

Know CWD website [exit DNR] Included on this site is general information about CWD in Wisconsin including common misconceptions.

Chronic wasting disease test results

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) was originally detected in Dane County in 2002. An extensive CWD surveillance program has been conducted in Wisconsin since then. Of Wisconsin's 72 counties 18 currently have CWD detected in the wild deer herd. Of the 18 counties 15 are within the area previously known as the CWD Management Zone (CWD-MZ), three counties of which include positives just outside of the border of the former zone (Grant, Waukesha and Juneau). Three counties with positives are outside of the former zone (Washburn, Portage and Adams).

The recent disease detections in areas such as Adams, Juneau and Portage counties as well as locational data collected within the former CWD-MZ, indicate the disease is spreading. The department welcomes public involvement in new areas of detection via the county based citizen County Deer Advisory Councils (CDAC).

Individual results

By clicking on a link below, you will go to the CWD test result database. The database will be updated as new test results are received by the Department of Natural Resources, from the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and other labs. If you do not see complete results for a deer or county please be patient. Tests results are added as they become available. We release information on negative test results within a day after they are received. We release information on positive test results as soon as they are confirmed and we have contacted the hunter.

CWD Barcode
CWD barcode used to track deer results

Search for Specific Deer

Please click on one of the following to view CWD test results. Totals are available for all years or by individual year.

Results for an individual year are for the CWD year which runs from April 1 through March 31. For example the results for the 2007 CWD year would be April 1, 2007 through March 31, 2008.

Interactive CWD mapping application

A CWD results mapping application is available for users to explore CWD results in all areas of the state as well as create maps. This application shows harvest locations of all deer tested for CWD including the positive test results.

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Contact information
For information on CWD results, contact:
Erin Larson
CWD data coordinator
Bureau of Wildlife Management
Last revised: Tuesday September 16 2014