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Wisconsin wildlife reports

Wildlife reports are divided into surveys addressing five species groups: small game, big game, waterfowl, furbearers and nongame. Interpretations to data in these reports are subject to change as a result of data verification and more extensive data analysis.

Please contact the appropriate author for additional clarification or further interpretation of survey results. These reports were made possible by Pittman-Robertson funding.

Semi-annual reports are distributed in April and August.

Small game

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sharp-tailed grouse
Sharp-tailed grouse dancing on a lek in the spring.

Rural mail carrier pheasant survey 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Spring ring-necked pheasant surveys 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Ruffed grouse
Ruffed grouse drumming survey 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Sharp-tailed grouse
Sharp-tailed grouse harvest & hunter survey 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Wisconsin sharp-tailed grouse survey 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Regional bobwhite quail and cottontail rabbit survey 2011 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Small game harvest 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Summer wildlife inquiry 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Ten week brood observations 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]

Big game

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You can help monitor deer reproduction in Wisconsin by participating in Operation Deer Watch

Black bear harvest report 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Black bear hunter questionnaire 2009 [PDF] 2011 [PDF]
Black bear population analyses 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Damaging and nuisance wildlife
Agricultural deer damage shooting permits 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Black bear damage and nuisance complaints and 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Wildlife damage abatement and claims program 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Archery hunting questionnaire 2009 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Chronic wasting disease in Wisconsin deer 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Deer hunter wildlife survey 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Firearm deer hunting questionnaire 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Summer deer observations 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
White-tailed deer harvest report 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
White-tailed deer population status 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Winter severity indices 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Gray Wolf
Gray wolf harvest report 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Gray wolf hunter/trapper questionnaire 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Gray wolf population 2011 [PDF] 2012 [PDF]
Fall turkey harvest report 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Fall turkey hunting questionnaire 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Spring turkey harvest report 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Spring turkey hunting questionnaire 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Wild turkey landowner brood survey 2010 [PDF] 2011 [PDF]


Report title Previous Current
Wisconsin youth waterfowl hunt 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]


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Wisconsin fur buyers are asked to report the number of otter and other furs purchased from Wisconsin harvesters. This helps to document harvest totals.

Beaver population analyses 2008 [PDF] 2011 [PDF]
Beaver trapping questionnaire 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Bobcat harvest 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Bobcat hunter/trapper survey 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Bobcat population analyses 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Fisher harvest 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Fisher population analyses 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Fur trapper survey 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Otter harvest 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Otter population analyses 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Winter track counts 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Wisconsin fur buyers report 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]


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Volunteer to participate in the frog and toad survey. Picture courtesy of Carol Steinmetz.

American marten surveys in northern Wisconsin 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Annual mammal survey 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Bird banding accomplishments 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Central Wisconsin greater prairie-chicken survey 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Frog and toad survey 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Moose observations 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Rare carnivore observations 2012 [PDF] 2013 [PDF]
Rare mammal observations 2010 [PDF] 2011 [PDF]
Wisconsin bald eagle and osprey surveys 2013 [PDF] 2014 [PDF]
Wisconsin Checklist Project 2009 [PDF] 2010 [PDF]
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