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For information on elk, contact:
Kevin Wallenfang
Wildlife biologist
Bureau of Wildlife Management

Elk information

Currently in Wisconsin there is a small herd of wild elk living in the Clam Lake area of Ashland County. There have been discussions about reintroducing elk to the Black River State Forest near Black River Falls in Jackson County.

Elk brochure

Clam Lake information

Education kiosk

Clam Lake Exhibit

An interactive touch screen kiosk has been retrofitted into an existing sign board located at the junction of State Highways 77 and GG in Clam Lake, Wisconsin. The kiosk is designed to provide visitors to the area with expansive information about the resident elk herd and their habitat. The program provides information about the history of elk in Wisconsin and even has a video clip of the original elk reintroduction. Most importantly, the program contains other tools and information to help visitors experience elk including wildlife spotting guides, maps and directions to nearby viewing areas.

Proposed Black River Falls elk herd

Last revised: Monday May 05 2014