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Know CWD website [exit DNR] Included on this site is general information about CWD in Wisconsin including common misconceptions.

Wisconsin's chronic wasting disease response plan: 2010-2025

After multiple years of chronic wasting disease (CWD) management in Wisconsin, it is increasingly clear that controlling CWD in Wisconsin's free-ranging white-tailed deer will be extremely challenging and will require a commitment of human and financial resources over an extended period of time. The department developed the following plan recognizing its public trust responsibility for managing wildlife and ensuring the health of wildlife populations in the state. However, waning public support and limited fiscal resources have limited the department's ability to fully implement the plan.

Download the entire 15 year CWD Response Plan [PDF]

Related documents

Management of Chronic Wasting Disease October 25, 2006 [PDF] - In this memo to the Natural Resources Board, former DNR Secretary Scott Hassett looks at some of the accomplishments state government has made since the discovery of CWD in Wisconsin, shares the department's goals for managing the disease and emphasizes the importance of consulting with the public in establishing the next phase of CWD management in Wisconsin.

From July of 2007 through January of 2008, a stakeholder advisory group (SAG) with diverse interests in the state's wild deer herd met to offer recommendations on future CWD management direction to the department and the Natural Resources Board. The SAG Final Report [PDF] includes a summary of the SAG's recommendations, results of the group's voting at the January 12th, 2008 meeting and minority reports.

External review of CWD Management Plan. [PDF] An expert panel was appointed by the state Natural Resources Board to review Wisconsin's CWD plan.

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