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For general information on captive wildlife, contact:
Amanda Kamps
Wildlife biologist
For information on captive wildlife licenses, contact:
Jennifer McDonough
Customer service representative
For information on captive wildlife regulations, contact:
Pete Dunn
Captive wildlife administrative warden

Captive wildlife regulations and licenses

In 2003, Wisconsin Act 56 established new standards and licenses for possession of captive wildlife in Wisconsin. In January 2003, State stat. CH 169 [PDF] came into effect and Administrative Code s. NR 16 [PDF] became effective in November 2003 to further explain the purpose of and associated standard conditions for each captive wildlife license. All captive wildlife licenses are subject to:

If a captive wild animal is imported into Wisconsin from a legal source in another state, an animal import permit [exit DNR] is required from the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection prior to the animal entering Wisconsin.

Wildlife farms and exhibits

In order to possess a migratory bird under a captive wild animal farm license or a nonprofit educational exhibit license, a Federal Migratory Bird Special Purpose Possession - Education (live) Permit [exit DNR] is also required from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

If you plan on exhibiting captive wild animals to the public you may also need a United States Department of Agriculture Class C Exhibit License [exit DNR].

Wild fur farm

Deer farm

In order to possess captive white-tailed deer in Wisconsin, it is required to have a valid fencing certificate from the DNR. This fencing certificate is only required for farmers who wish to raise white-tailed deer. Nonwhite-tailed deer are not regulated by the DNR but all captive farm-raised deer keepers are required to be licensed and registered by the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection [exit DNR].

Wild animal hunting or hound dog training/trialing

Last revised: Friday July 18 2014