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WPDES Permits on public notice

Public notices are required by law to alert interested members of the public of the DNR's intention to authorize a Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) discharge to a water of the state. The notices are posted here on the DNR website for 30 days and are also published once in the legal notices section of the local newspaper in the vicinity of the facility. The notice identifies the facility by name, indicates where the discharge is located, and briefly describes the facility's activities.

Public comments procedure

The public notice document explains how to get more information or comment on the proposed permit action. A member of the public may submit written comments or request that the Department hold a public informational hearing. For comments or requests to be timely, they must be submitted within 30 days from the date of public notice, unless otherwise indicated in the notice.

Public participation procedures are detailed in NR 203, Wis. Adm. Code [PDF, exit DNR].

Permit issuance process

The process the DNR follows in issuing WPDES wastewater permits is explained in the overview of the WPDES wastewater permit process. Permits are not considered final and issued until they have been signed and dated by appropriate DNR staff. Final copies of WPDES wastewater permits are not available from the DNR website. Please contact the permit drafter indicated in the notice directly to obtain a copy of a final (issued) permit. Copies of permit applications can also be obtained by contacting the permit drafter.

Proposed permit documents

To view a public notice, click on the date of public notice indicated below under the column heading entitled "Notice Date". The proposed permit can be downloaded by clicking on the file size indicated under the column entitled "Permit Draft". Other supporting documents, when available, are also provided. These may include the Fact Sheet, Water Quality Based Effluent Limits (WQBEL) Memo, compliance determination, facility diagram, variance documentation (if applicable) and other documents, depending on the permit action being taken and type of discharge. All documents are in PDF format.

Permittee Permit No. County Notice Date Permit Action Permit Draft Variance Documents Supporting Documents
Ferryville, Village WI0020974-9 Crawford August 28 reissuance 147KB   165KB
Racine Wastewater Utility WI0025194-8 Racine August 28 reissuance 218KB   658KB
Lake Holcombe Sanitary District 1 WI0028339-10 Chippewa August 28 reissuance 148KB   158KB
General Permit: Short Duration Discharge WI0059137-4 Statewide August 28 reissuance 36KB   27KB
Ho-Chunk Nation, Crocketts Resort WI0061263-6 Juneau August 27 reissuance 148KB   62KB
Double P Dairy LLC WI0062031-3 Marathon August 27 reissuance 128KB   42KB
Ostrowski Farms Inc. WI0062367-3 Marathon August 25 reissuance 133KB   45KB
Independence, City WI0024287-9 Trempealeau August 21 reissuance 199KB   145KB
Mason, Village WI0049832-4 Bayfield August 21 reissuance 160KB   544KB
Sheldon, Village WI0025453-9 Rusk August 21 reissuance 144KB   610KB
Weyerhaeuser, Village WI0020761-9 Rusk August 21 reissuance 168KB   564KB
Mineral Point, City WI0024791-9 Iowa August 21 reissuance 178KB   215KB
Genoa City, Village WI0021083-8 Walworth August 21 reissuance 180KB   198KB
Wisconsin Electric Power Co., Paris WI0049131-3 Kenosha August 21 reissuance 104KB   245KB
Valley Ridge Clean Water Commission WI0036854-5 Crawford August 20 reissuance 168KB   160KB
Redgranite, Village WI0020729-8 Waushara August 20 reissuance 164KB   281KB
Abrams Sanitary District 1 WI0049859-3 Oconto August 20 reissuance 157KB   270KB
Osceola, Village WI0025020-9 Polk August 20 reissuance 144KB   389KB
Karl Hausner Farms LLC WI0063100-1 Sauk August 20 issuance 150KB   2MB
Trinity Farms LLC (Sedelbauer Hogs) WI0058955-4 Jackson August 20 reissuance 119KB   27KB
The Cattle Corner WI0064157-2 Brown August 20 reissuance 124KB   31KB
Welcome Dairy Inc. WI0053660-8 Marathon August 20 reissuance 104KB   14KB
Clear Lake, Village WI0023639-9 Polk August 19 reissuance 198KB   1.15MB
Foremost Farms USA, Clayton WI0003018-8 Polk August 19 reissuance 121KB   720KB
Rockland, Village WI0028967-9 La Crosse August 15 reissuance 163KB   63KB
General Mitchell International Airport WI0046477-4 Milwaukee August 15 reissuance 128KB   725KB
Kohler Power Systems Americas WI0000795-7 Sheboygan August 15 reissuance 84KB   448KB
Krakow Sanitary District WI0028169-9 Shawano August 14 reissuance 183KB   251KB
Burlington Water Pollution Control WI0022926-9 Racine August 14 reissuance 206KB   333KB
Forestville, Village WI0028894-8 Door August 13 reissuance 200KB   314KB
Wolfgang Dairy LLC WI0061808-3 Manitowoc August 13 reissuance 138KB   43KB
Spring Green, Village WI0060801-9 Sauk August 13 reissuance 184KB   379KB
Great Lakes Investors LLC WI0060607-8 Jefferson August 13 reissuance 183KB   413KB
Rausch Farms WI0062405-3 Marathon August 13 reissuance 133KB   44KB
Metallics Inc. WI0054500-7 La Crosse August 1 reissuance 114KB   156KB
J M Schmidt and Sons Inc. WI0063801-2 Dodge July 31 reissuance 145KB   81KB
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