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WPDES Permits on public notice

Public notices are required by law to alert interested members of the public of the DNR's intention to authorize a Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WPDES) discharge to a water of the state. The notices are posted here on the DNR website for 30 days and are also published once in the legal notices section of the local newspaper in the vicinity of the facility. The notice identifies the facility by name, indicates where the discharge is located, and briefly describes the facility's activities.

Public comments procedure

The public notice document explains how to get more information or comment on the proposed permit action. A member of the public may submit written comments or request that the Department hold a public informational hearing. For comments or requests to be timely, they must be submitted within 30 days from the date of public notice, unless otherwise indicated in the notice.

Public participation procedures are detailed in NR 203, Wis. Adm. Code [PDF, exit DNR].

Permit issuance process

The process the DNR follows in issuing WPDES wastewater permits is explained in the overview of the WPDES wastewater permit process. Permits are not considered final and issued until they have been signed and dated by appropriate DNR staff. Final copies of WPDES wastewater permits are not available from the DNR website. Please contact the permit drafter indicated in the notice directly to obtain a copy of a final (issued) permit. Copies of permit applications can also be obtained by contacting the permit drafter.

Proposed permit documents

To view a public notice, click on the date of public notice indicated below under the column heading entitled "Notice Date". The proposed permit can be downloaded by clicking on the file size indicated under the column entitled "Permit Draft". Other supporting documents, when available, are also provided. These may include the Fact Sheet, Water Quality Based Effluent Limits (WQBEL) Memo, compliance determination, facility diagram, variance documentation (if applicable) and other documents, depending on the permit action being taken and type of discharge. All documents are in PDF format.

Permittee Permit No. County Notice Date Permit Action Permit Draft Variance
Sextonville Sanitary District No.1 WI0060038-8 Richland November 20 reissuance 178KB   253KB
Wilton,Village WI0022462-9 Monroe November 20 reissuance 182KB   182KB
Foremost Farms USA Coop, Lancaster WI0062308-3 Grant November 20 reissuance 205KB   792KB
Johnson Hill Farm LLC WI0065111-1 Manitowoc November 20 issuance 138KB   35KB
Dairymen's Inc. WI0058343-5 Vilas November 19 reissuance 19KB   60KB
Madison Gas & Electric Compensatory Recharge WI0063088-2-1 Dane November 19 modification 76KB   22KB
Johnson Creek, Village WI0022161-9 Jefferson November 19 reissuance 208KB   395KB
Lake Wapogasset Bear Trap
Lake Sanitary District
WI0060313-10 Polk November 18 reissuance 156KB   566KB
School District of Superior WI0035866-6-1 Douglas November 18 modification 71KB   25KB
Norway Town Sanitary District No.1 WI0031470-7 Racine November 14 reissuance 202KB   253KB
Lakeland,Village WI0057177-6 Oneida November 14 reissuance 74KB   21KB
Elcho Sanitary District No.1 WI0029726-7 Langlade November 14 reissuance 157KB   335KB
Kewaunee, City WI0020176-8 Kewaunee November 14 reissuance 189KB   1.7MB
Maliszewski Dairy LLC WI0063374-1 Trempealeau November 13 issuance 156KB   71KB
Rosenholm Dairy LLP WI0058998-4 Buffalo November 13 reissuance 131KB   30KB
Burnett Sanitary District No.1 WI0031551-7 Dodge November 13 reissuance 212KB   212KB
Cambridge Oakland Wastewater Commission WI0026948-9 Jefferson November 13 reissuance 201KB   458KB
Don's Mobile Manor WI0062316-2 Dane November 13 reissuance 147KB   732KB
Milladore, Village WI0022381-9 Wood November 12 reissuance 156KB   71KB
Dane County Regional Airport WI0048747-4 Dane November 12 reissuance 130KB   3.2MB
Janesville, City WI0030350-8 Rock November 12 reissuance 227KB   414KB
Cushing Sanitary District No.1 WI0058904-4 Polk November 12 reissuance 163KB   528KB
Luck, Village WI0021482-9 Polk November 12 reissuance 229KB   851KB
Columbus, City WI0021008-9 Dodge November 8 reissuance 219KB   829KB
Waste Management Omega Hills Landfill WI0049514-3 Washington November 6 reissuance 99KB   251KB
Lauritzen Inc. WI0057797-5 Waushara November 6 reissuance 71KB   48KB
Anderson Custom Processing WI0065455-1 Dane November 6 issuance 84KB   328KB
Hillsboro, City WI0020583-9 Vernon November 6 reissuance 196KB   72KB
Lone Rock, Village WI0060763-8 Richland November 6 reissuance 164KB   253KB
Beloit, Town WI0026930-8 Rock November 5 reissuance 207KB   439KB
Footville, Village WI0024023-9 Rock November 5 reissuance 158KB   422KB
Plymouth Sanitary District No.1 WI0031054-8 Rock November 5 reissuance 189KB   366KB
Tag Lane Dairy Farm WI0063932-2 Jefferson October 31 reissuance 147KB   50KB
Cochrane, Village WI0020214-9 Buffalo October 30 reissuance 161KB   155KB
Chelsea Sanitary District WI0035718-5 Taylor October 30 reissuance 155KB   616KB
Kooiker Calves Inc. WI0065005-1 Dodge October 30 issuance/
143KB   1MB
Silver Lake, Village WI0020851-10 Kenosha October 30 reissuance 162KB   214KB
Pittsville Water and Sewer Dept. WI0020494-9 Wood October 30 reissuance 156KB   82KB
Bowler, Village WI0021237-8 Shawano October 30 reissuance 166KB   247KB
Upper Fox River Watershed Group
Municipal Separate Storm Sewer
WIS050105-3 Waukesha October 30 reissuance 347KB   244KB
Merrillan, Village WI0024732-9 Jackson October 29 reissuance 177KB   84KB
Burlington Water Pollution Control WI0022926-9 Racine October 23 reissuance 221KB   358KB
Majestic View Dairy LLC WI0062456-3 Grant October 23 reissuance 167KB   900KB
Rice Lake, City Utilities WI0021865-9 Barron October 22 reissuance 189KB   467KB
Baker Cheese Factory Inc. WI0050521-9 Fond du Lac October 15 revocation/
129KB   410KB
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