Tree planting

tree seedlings and shrubs (accepting orders).
a personalized tree planting plan.
how to plant trees properly.
to the Forests for the Future Fund.

Sell tree seed to us. We are still looking for basswood and jack pine seeds.

Global ReLeaf is now accepting applications for 2015 tree planting projects. An application, instructional guide and FAQs can be found at [exit DNR]. Deadline for grant proposals is October 29, 2014. Grants typically do not exceed $25,000.

Learn about tree planting and how to revitalize your natural habitat.

Wisconsin's reforestation program grows high quality, native tree seedlings and wildlife shrubs at reasonable prices to plant on private and public lands for conservation purposes. Our nursery stock will provide future forest products, improve wildlife habitat, prevent soil erosion, create aesthetic beauty and increase carbon sequestration.

Last revised: Wednesday February 04 2015