Trapping in Wisconsin: a time-honored tradition

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Whether you crave the solitude of the winter landscape or you seek to pass on a family tradition, Wisconsin has many trapping opportunities for you.

Bobcat, fisher and otter zone information:

  • Bobcat Time Period 1: Season closed
  • Bobcat Time Period 2: Season closed
  • Fisher: Season closed
  • Otter: All zones open

It is extremely unlikely that we would close a furbearer zone as we use harvester success rates from recent years to issue permits. This allows us to stay very close to quota without needing to close zones. Should we need to close a zone, we would provide several days to a full week of notice, issue a press release and update this page to reflect the closures.

Attention trappers: The DNR is looking to radio-collar bobcats [PDF] in Vilas and Oneida Counties. If you live in one of these counties and are willing to allow the DNR to radio-collar an incidentally caught bobcat, please contact Nathan Roberts at 715-401-1051. Additionally, the DNR is attempting to radio-collar incidentally caught wolves [PDF] throughout the state. If you are willing to allow DNR staff to collar any incidentally-caught wolves, please contact Nathan Libal at 715-401-1764.

Last Revised: Tuesday February 10 2015