Construction site storm water permits

Notice: Under 2011 Wisconsin Act 167, Section 30.19 of the Wisconsin Statutes was amended to exempt a person from the permit requirements for grading on the bank of a navigable water for any land grading activity authorized under a storm water discharge permit issued under Section 283.33 of the Wisconsin Statutes. Accordingly, as of August 1, 2012, a person with a construction site covered under a WPDES Construction Site Storm Water Discharge Permit pursuant to Chapter NR 216 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code is not required to obtain a permit under Chapter 30.19 for grading on the bank of a navigable water.

The DNR’s construction site permit requires landowners to install practices to help decrease the amount of sediment that pollutes Wisconsin’s waterways from construction projects. Land disturbance during a construction project exposes bare soil which can erode during storm events. Practices help decrease the amount of sediment that runs off during a storm event.

Erosion control plans contain specific practices to reduce erosion, divert storm water from disturbed or exposed construction site areas, and trap and control the transport of sediment and other pollutants. Construction site permits contain requirements for controlling erosion and storm water during construction as well as managing storm water runoff after construction is completed.

water breaking through an earthen bank

Construction site erosion control,
Photo by Pete Wood

Last revised: Tuesday November 12 2013