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a Wisconsin state park, forest, recreation area or trail.
Camping opportunities
in state parks and forests.
How to buy
a vehicle admission sticker or state trail pass.
Get Outdoors!
to attend a nature program or event with family and friends.
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Check out our very own free mobile app.

Self-registration station

Self-registration stations are available when the property office is closed.

Contact information
For more information, contact:
Wisconsin State Parks

Wisconsin State Park System Vehicle admission stickers

A vehicle admission sticker is required on all motor vehicles stopping in state park, forest, recreation area and trail parking areas. Buy your sticker when you get to the park or in advance. You can buy an annual sticker, for admission to all state parks and forests for the calendar year, or a daily sticker which is valid for the date of issue.

2016 state park and forest vehicle admission stickerPlease note: The new vehicle admission sticker rates are shown below.

  • Annual stickers: 2016 annual stickers will go on sale beginning Dec. 1. The 2016 annual rates apply if you are purchasing an annual sticker during the month of December for the 2016 calendar year.
  • Daily stickers: If you are purchasing a daily sticker in November or December, the 2015 rates apply. The 2016 daily rates will be effective beginning Jan. 1.

The 2016 annual stickers are valid through Dec. 31, 2016.

2016 Sticker fees Annual Reduced rate*
Daily One-hour**
Vehicle with WI license plates $28 $15.50 $8 $5
Vehicle with WI plates, resident age 65 and older $13 N/A $3 N/A
Vehicle with out-of-state plates $38 $20.50 $11 $5
Bus, Wisconsin license -- -- $11 --
Bus, out-of-state -- -- $15 --
*Reduced rate annual stickers are for additional vehicles registered to the same household address.
**One-hour stickers are not available at all properties.

The 2015 annual stickers are valid through Dec. 31, 2015.

2015 Sticker fees Annual Reduced rate*
Daily One-hour**
Vehicle with WI license plates $25 $12.50 $7 $5
Vehicle with WI plates, resident age 65 and older $10 N/A $3 N/A
Vehicle with out-of-state plates $35 $17.50 $10 $5
Bus, Wisconsin license -- -- $10 --
Bus, out-of-state -- -- $14 --
*Reduced rate annual stickers are for additional vehicles registered to the same household address.
**One-hour stickers are not available at all properties.

Buying stickers

There are many options for buying vehicle admission stickers and state trail passes:

  • Most visitors buy their daily or annual sticker when they get to a state park and forest entrance. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted when the park office is open. Self-registration stations are available for payment of fees when the office is closed.
  • Department of Natural Resources service centers sell stickers and state trail passes.
  • Some businesses near state trails sell state trail passes.
  • Annual admission stickers and state trail passes can be purchased over the phone by calling the DNR at 888-936-7463 between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  • Stickers and passes can be purchased online as part of gift packages [exit DNR] from the Friends of Wisconsin State Parks.

Thank you for supporting the Wisconsin State Park System. User fees including vehicle admission stickers, camping fees and state trail passes provide most of the money for operating Wisconsin state parks, forests, recreation areas and trails.

Frequently asked questions

Click below for some frequently asked questions about vehicle admission stickers.

I don't have a sticker

What if I don’t have a vehicle admission sticker?
Park users must purchase their vehicle admission sticker before leaving their vehicle parked at the property. There is a $5 fee (in addition to the cost of the sticker) for anyone who fails to pay for a sticker before using the property. If a park user refuses to buy a sticker or self-register, a citation can be issued.

Towed vehicles

What if I'm towing a vehicle?
Free daily stickers are available for vehicles towed or carried into the property by a vehicle with a purchased sticker. Any type of vehicle can be towed or do the towing—motor home, truck camper, motorcycle, etc.

The vehicle doing the towing or carrying must have an annual or daily admission sticker. A vehicle being towed or carried will be issued a free courtesy admission sticker allowing it the same access and privileges as a vehicle with an annual or daily admission sticker.


What if I have a motorcycle?
The vehicle admission sticker rule applies to motorcycles as well as cars and trucks. If your motorcycle does not have an adequate windshield or the sticker may damage the windshield, fasten the sticker in one of these places:

  • on the front fork;
  • behind the license plate; or
  • under the seat.

In some cases, a ranger may not see the sticker and issue you a notice. If this happens, return to the park or forest office to show your sticker and void the notice.

Replacement stickers

What if I need to replace my sticker?
If you have a valid, current-year sticker and you are trading in your car or replacing a windshield with a vehicle admission sticker on it, you can get a replacement sticker for your new windshield at no charge by following the steps below.

  • Note the serial number of your current-year sticker.
  • Scrape enough of the old sticker off (it will come off in pieces) to prove you have it.
  • Print out the annual admission sticker replacement application form [PDF].
  • Fill in the form completely.
  • Take or mail the form and old sticker to any state park or forest office.
Fee waivers

What admission fee waivers are available for Wisconsin State Parks?
Admission fee waivers are available for school groups, disabled veterans and former POWs, conservation patron license holders and others.

School, college and nonprofit fee waivers
Vehicle admission and trail fees may be waived for:

  • authorized public and private school events;
  • vehicles transporting students for authorized outdoor academic classes given by an accredited Wisconsin college or university; and
  • groups with mentally or physically disabled persons and their attendants brought by a nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is improvement of their mental or physical health.

To receive such a waiver, complete a Vehicle Permit/Trail Fee Waiver Request [PDF] form and send it directly to the property from which you're requesting the waiver. The form must be received at the property at least seven days before the beginning of the planned activity. Before going to the park, confirm whether your request has been granted. Stop at the property office for a courtesy permit when you arrive.

Vehicles dropping off or picking up juvenile group campers also may have admission fees waived.

Government business fee waivers
Admission fees are waived for vehicles registered to governmental agencies or driven by persons on official government business and for vehicles furnishing services or supplies to the Department of Natural Resources or its concessionaires.

Conservation Patron and Senior Citizen Recreation card holders
Resident and non-resident Conservation Patron Licenses valid from April 1 through March 31. These licenses provide, in addition to hunting and fishing privileges, free access to state parks, forests and recreation areas for vehicles carrying a patron holder. Also included are free access for walk-in patron-holders to Heritage Hill State Historical Park; and free access to state trails for the patron holders.

Before 1992, Wisconsin residents age 65 and older could buy Senior Citizen Recreation Cards granting them lifetime free admission to state parks. This card is no longer available for purchase, but we still honor the cards issued before 1992.

Vehicles on public highways
Visitors may drive through a state park or forest recreation area without a vehicle admission sticker. However, if the vehicle is parked within a state park, forest or recreation area where stickers are required, it must have a sticker.

Disabled Veteran and Former Prisoner of War fee waivers
Certain disabled veterans and former prisoners of war are eligible to receive waivers of vehicle admission and trail pass fees. Program is for Wisconsin residents.

To apply for this fee waiver:

  1. Download and complete the Disabled Veteran Free State Park/Forest/Trail Pass Application [PDF] and take it to your County Veteran Service Officer [exit DNR] (CVSO) to certify. The application must be signed and stamped by the CVSO.
  2. Mail the certified application to:

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Bureau of Parks and Recreation
101 S Webster St PO Box 7921
Madison WI 53707

Do not send medical records to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

The Bureau of Parks and Recreation will mail you an identification card to be presented each time you visit a state park, forest or recreation area. The park, forest or recreation area will then issue a courtesy pass for the day. When using state trails requiring a trail pass, carry the identification card with you.

Federal Pass for Ice Age Reserve Units
At an Ice Age Reserve Unit, admission fees are waived for a vehicle occupied by a holder of a Federal Pass, such as an America the Beautiful—National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass, or a pass from a former National Park Service program such as the Golden Age, Access or Eagle Passports. Ice Age Reserve units honor these passes but do not issue them.

Free fun weekend in June
All DNR-owned properties participate in Free Fun Weekend during the first full weekend in June. All vehicle admission sticker fees and trail fees on state-operated designated state trails are waived for Free Fun Weekend. Cooperatively-run state trails also may participate. The weekend coincides with "Free Fishing Weekend" in Wisconsin and all fishing licenses are also waived.

Last revised: Tuesday November 24 2015