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Property Master PlansGreen Bay Planning Group

The Green Bay Planning Group (GBPG) includes 12 properties and other DNR-owned parcels totaling about 10,800 acres located along the west shore of Green Bay in Brown, Oconto and Marinette counties. These properties include: the Green Bay West Shore Wildlife Area, which is comprised of 11 separate units and also includes three embedded State Natural Areas; a stand-alone State Natural Area, Bloch Oxbow; a large state gift lands parcel known as the Badger Gift Lands; and various other scattered fishery and wildlife habitat area parcels.

Green Bay West Shores Wildlife Area

Green Bay West Shores Wildlife Area, © Robert Howe.

These properties contain ecologically and recreationally significant coastal wetlands, rivers and streams, shrub swamps and bottomland forests that provide habitat for many wildlife species, including migrating birds such as waterfowl, rails, herons, raptors and songbirds and spawning areas for fish such as Northern pike and lake sturgeon.

Master planning update

The GBPG Draft Master Plan has been revised after considering input received during the January-February, 2014 public comment period, and is now available. Please see the "Planning documents" tab, below.

The plan is scheduled to go before the Natural Resources Board for approval at their August meeting. This meeting is scheduled for August 12-13 in Hayward. You can speak at this meeting or submit a written comment.

Vision and goals

Vision and goals

Vision: The Green Bay Planning Group properties will provide high-quality habitats for diverse wildlife and fish species and high-quality outdoor, nature-based recreational opportunities in lightly developed settings for current and future users. These opportunities will be provided within a matrix of diverse coastal wetland and upland communities, including emergent marshes, rivers and streams, shrub swamps, and both bottomland and upland hardwood forests. Natural communities will be managed sustainably for ecological benefit and user enjoyment in a manner consistent with their statutory designations and ecological capabilities. Management of these properties will be directed at maintaining the ecological integrity of the shore zone, recognizing that the interplay between terrestrial and aquatic habitats in this area is vitally important to the health of the Green Bay ecosystem.

We will accomplish this vision by working toward 6 major goals:

  • Goal 1: Protect, restore, enhance, and manage for a variety of high-quality coastal wetland and associated upland habitats, including emergent marshes, sedge meadows, shrub swamps, lowland hardwoods, aquatic habitats, aspen, oak, upland hardwoods, and grasslands.
  • Goal 2: Provide recreational opportunities for hunting, fishing, trapping, paddling, bird watching, wildlife viewing, nature study or enjoyment, and other compatible nature-based outdoor pursuits, with an emphasis on non-motorized recreation.
  • Goal 3: Promote quality habitat for desirable game and non-game species, including rare and special concern species, within the natural range and variability of this landscape.
  • Goal 4: Protect, enhance, and restore spawning and nursery habitat for native fish, both resident and migratory.
  • Goal 5: Manage habitats on the properties to maintain and enhance their importance as migratory bird stopover sites, emphasizing a diverse mosaic of coastal habitats in large, interconnected blocks.
  • Goal 6: Maintain and enhance connectivity between terrestrial and aquatic communities throughout the properties.



Your comments are important so please consider coming to meetings, mailing in comments or calling us. We welcome your feedback on the property management goals and master planning issues throughout the process. Please send comments or questions to:

Yoyi Steele, Planner
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
PO Box 7921
Madison WI 53707-7921

John Huff, Area Wildlife Supervisor
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
101 N Ogden Road, Suite A
Peshtigo WI 54157-1734

Last revised: Friday July 25 2014